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Fox & Friends Mocks Transgender Grinnell College Students?

Reported by Priscilla - October 29, 2011 -

The ugly smearing of the transgender community has found a home at Fox "News." Recently there has been a spate of transgender bashing from Fox's "Medical A Team" member Keith Ablow who smeared Chaz Bono while advancing views of transgenderism (seen in another Ablow job in which he smeared a J Crew designer for painting her son's toenails) not accepted by the medical mainstream. He also suggested that two lesbians, who are allowing their transgender child to delay puberty, are being abusive. So given that Fox & Friends is "the morning happy-talk show that Ailes uses as one of his primary vehicles to inject his venom into the media bloodstream," it wasn't surprising to see the gang on the curvy couch join in the transgender bashing Fox fun. On Tuesday, the "chuckling cheesburgers," who were visibly repulsed about Chaz Bono on DWTS, were just full of shits and giggles about gender neutral housing at Grinnell College which, despite their contention that it's "new," has been around for three years. But underneath the fun lurked an ugly bias that seems to have a happy home on Fox "News." The mocking message, articulated by good Christian conservative Gretchen Carlson, was that it would be so much better if we could go back to the good old days when the LGBT community was in the closet and if not for this "small minority," the world would be a better place.

As usual, Fox provided the framing of the issue as "controversial" and, according to Gretchen Carlson, something that if you have kids going off to college, "you may not feel to secure." Steve Doocy interrupted "if you have kids in college, I got two girls there right now and this is an eye opener." On cue, Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade asked what Doocy was talking about. On cue, Doocey said Grinnell College. On cue, Kilmeade say that he heard that they're doing something that hasn't been done before." Carlson was right when she said it's been done before as it's been in place at Grinnell for three years and is being done by more than 50 mostly private colleges and some public universities. Kilmeade said that he thought that co-ed dorms were "edgy" but was incredulous about co-ed rooms, showers, and bathrooms. When Carlson mentioned "co-ed athletic areas", Kilmeade said it was "incredible" and made a "joke" about how guys would say "excuse me honey, your bra's covering my socks, I have a game later." Doocy reported in his best stunned and amazed voice that Grinnell is "coming up" (again, been around for three years) with gender neutral housing which students can select regardless of their sexual orientation. He seemed shocked that students could "live with anybody else." The chyrons were sure to get those pitchforks all greased and ready: "Inclusive or Outrageous, Gender Neutral Rooms Added To Dorms" and "Co-ed College Controversy, Gender Neutral Dorms And Even Showers." Notice how, rather than addressing the real reasons for this housing, they're focusing on what they think is titillating.

Gretch said that she was "blown away" by how the numbers requesting this have gone up and referenced how this was started by transgender students. She was shocked at the popularity of this policy. Kilmeade joked that "it's in vogue, like bell-bottoms." Doocy wished he had video of "what's going on." (We talking voyeurism here?) Gretch exposed her homophobic slip in the next exchange. When Kilmeade said he had video of heterosexual students protesting, Gretch thought he was being serious and said "oh, wait, the majority have a voice." The video, of college football partiers, was a "joke" so the gang laughed heartily. Doocy then went into a weird rant about how his daughter, at Boston College, lives on a coed dorm floor and how "just the idea you could actually have a man in the shower next to my daughter." Gretch said that when she was in college that "stuff was going on but it wasn't mandated." When she said that the college doesn't want to create a "shack up community," she squinted in disbelief. After Kilmeade responded that shacking up happens anyway, Gretch got in the requisite tyranny of the minority with her comment that they were missing the point about how this is "because of one, little tiny percent of society. This is one of those stories where everything's changing as a result of just a few people."

Comment: First, the only "new" thing is the gender neutral locker room. The dorm policy has been around for three years. If the kids on the couch had taken time out from their sophomoric jr. high locker room humor (eww, showers and shacking up) they could have noted that this is about "creating a safe and welcoming place" especially for transgender students who would be uncomfortable and unwelcome in locker rooms, dorm rooms, and bathrooms designated as being strictly for males or females. The "friends" could have mentioned that there have been no problems with this policy. If Steve Doocy wasn't fixated on shower arrangements, he could have noted that there are doors on the showers and toilet stalls. But why would we expect a mature presentation of a sensitive issue on Fox & Friends. It's all about creating faux "outrage" and if it can be done by smearing "a little, tiny percent" it's all good. Wonder how Gretch feels about the tiny percent of black students who walked to their Little Rock school with white people screaming at them. These students changed our society for the better. The Grinnell students are, in their own way, doing the same.

And I don't care if Roger Ailes meets with gay and lesbian journalists on a monthly basis. That he allows Fox "News" to be a haven for transphobia suggests that while he might walk the walk, the only talk his network is doing is trash!


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