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Neil Cavuto Pretends Republicans Don’t Want To End Social Security

Reported by Guest Blogger - October 27, 2011 -

By Brian

On yesterday’s Your World, Democratic Congressional candidate Brad Avakian of Oregon spoke about Tea Party efforts to destroy Social Security. Neil Cavuto insisted that’s not the goal but the evidence suggests otherwise.

"People are ticked off," Avakian said. He spoke of "Tea Party obstructionists in Congress that refuse to come to the table and negotiate, and are doing everything they can to end Social Security, to end Medicare, to roll back the clock on women."

Cavuto interrupted. "…I don't remember any of them saying, ‘end it’ as much as trying to get a handle on controlling its growth."

Avakian said the Tea Party is "doing what they can to privatize it, and that, in the end, will put an end to it. It won't be Social Security as we know it."

"I don't know if there's a full court press to privatize this as much as there is to get a handle on its growth," Cavuto objected.

Avakian replied, "You've got 27 years in order to take care of Social Security. It's very stable for that period of time."

Cavuto was starting to get testy. "You wouldn't touch it, and anyone who does is tantamount to what, pushing Grandma off a cliff?"

"No, just the income cap, and it'll smooth it out and it will be a stable system just like it’s been in the past; but you've got these extremists in Congress that want to just privatize the thing," Avakian said.

Cavuto “asked” if people who don't want to touch entitlements are "just as obstructionist" as the Tea Party?

"I don't see that's what's going on,” Avakian answered. “I see folks that are willing to come to the table and talk about reasonable solutions to take care of Social Security and Medicare... I don't see those Tea Party extremists in Congress coming to the table with reasonable solutions."

"They just did," Cavuto insisted.

Avakian stuck to his guns."I don't think that those are reasonable solutions.” He talked about "privatizing the promise of Social Security."

Cavuto stuck to his guns, too. "That's not what they say."

As Joan McCarter noted on DailyKos, the Social Security Administration's chief actuary reviewed Republican proposals and found that they "substantially reduce expected benefits for people now entering the workforce." The Center on Budget and Policy Priority concurred. It also reviewed Representative Paul Ryan’s plan of “diverting payroll taxes into private accounts” and concluded “that would impair Social Security’s financial soundness and require transfers from the general fund to assure the program’s solvency.”

Does Fox News' business honcho Neil Cavuto really not know that?

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