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Van Susteren And Hume Slam Birther Republicans – Promoted On Fox News

Reported by Ellen - October 26, 2011 -

Immediately following Greta Van Susteren’s interview with Donald Trump last night, she brought on Brit Hume to discuss the varying tax plans of the 2012 Republican presidential candidates. But before she got to that, she and Hume discussed Governor Rick Perry’s recent birther comments. Clearly, she and Hume were repulsed by them. But what neither of them mentioned was that Perry announced he had become skeptical about Obama’s birth certificate after discussing it with Donald Trump, the same Donald Trump whom Van Susteren had allowed to talk up his birther conspiracy theory without much challenge and had then gone on to give him a platform as a credible pundit.

I believe from both her tone with Trump and the fact that Van Susteren veered from her scheduled topic to discuss birtherism that she was disturbed by this issue coming up again (even though she was the one to raise it with Trump and then not offer much pushback). She now said to Hume, “Who would have guessed… Governor Perry brought that up again.”

Hume slammed Perry, saying, “There’s no gain in this issue for Republicans, for any Republican,” and that the birth certificate question has been “settled to the satisfaction of every reasonable person in America.”

His comment strongly suggested Hume didn’t think too highly of Trump reviving this issue, either. Yet, neither Hume nor Van Susteren brought up the far more emphatic birtherism of Trump immediately preceding.

Hume said, Perry “steps on it by wading into this issue… big mistake.”

Van Susteren, sounding astounded, asked, “Why did he do it? Just careless?”

Hume said he thought it was naivete.

So what about the fact that Trump is well, trumpeting the issue again? And why didn’t either of them talk about it?

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