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Obviously Laura Ingraham Didn’t Get Memo On The Phony War On Halloween

Reported by Aunty Em - October 26, 2011 -

It’s always been fairly obvious when a Fox “News” guest has met with a segment producer prior to an interview. Not only does the guest echo the meme du jour word-for-word, but often the on-screen graphics display exactly what the pundit is saying, word-for-word. That’s not coincidence; that can only happen through careful coordination. Which is why the following segment is so funny/strange/bizarre/inexplicable. (Pick one.) Laura Ingraham can always be expected to come onto Fox “News” and go with the flow. However, something clearly went haywire yesterday when, after a typical President Obama-bashing interview, the Foxy Friends suddenly asked her about the Phony War On Halloween. Not only didn’t she know which side of the question she was supposed to endorse, she didn’t even understand the question. I nominate this as the most (unintentionally) hilarious segment broadcast on Fox since Eric Massa appeared on Glenn Beck’s old show. Watch: