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Fox & Friends Promotes Effort To Save Jesus Statue On Government Land

Reported by Priscilla - October 25, 2011 -

Jesus is weeping again. Those evil librul Jesus haters are still waging their satanic crusade against those who follow the one, true Fox News faith. On the very Montana forests that Jesus created is a statue of Jesus which was erected and maintained, as a war memorial, by the Knights of Columbus who are members of a religion that's near and dear to Roger Ailes. But because the statue is on US government land, those Jesus hating meanies at the "Freedom from Religion Foundation," which (along with the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State) is not near and dear to Roger Ailes, have complained to the Forest Service. A decision was made to remove the statue; but after complaints from righteous Christians, the Forest Service is further analyzing the situation before a final decision. And this sets the stage for Jesus' BFF's on Fox & Friends who have always given their warm support to those situations, involving Christian crosses on public land, that give rise to questions about the separation of church and state - something that is not near and dear to the Fox & Friends audience. This morning, the kids on the curvy couch provided warm, Christian fellowship to a legislator who supports the statue. As in the other persecuted Christian segments, the meme of "tradition" over the First Amendment was the prevailing meme. Dry your eyes, Jesus.

Good Christian Steve Doocy reported the perfunctory "history" part of the story with his opening comment that the statue "has been part of a Word War II memorial for nearly 60 years." He worked in the perfunctory persecuted Fox Christian meme about how only one person/organization is complaining about how this violated separation of church and state. (Ya think!) Using her best righteous Christian voice, Christian soldier Gretchen Carlson introduced her guest, a Montana congressman who is fighting fer Jesus. Gretch reinforced the history and the single complainer meme with her comment that the statue has been around for years and "hasn't been a problem." Her voice rose as she reported that the groups who put up the statue got the required permit every ten years. GOP Congressman Denny Rehberg immediately cited "one group from Wisonsin" (FFRF) who "think that there's some hint of a religious aspect..." (Ya think!) He added that "it's a testament" to WWII vets. (And we know all vets are Christians and if they're not, they love Jesus!) He said it's an "outrage" and people from "all over the nation need to say enough is enough." Rehberg directed folks to a national website where folks can sent complaints to the Forest Service before a decision is made.

Doocy, doing his best buffoon shtick, claimed that he read all about it and "nobody has complained." When Rehberg responded that it's becaue people are afraid of being sued, Carlson commented"exactly." He said, proudly that the statue "overlooks a free nation." (Having separation of church and state and being religiously diverse). Gretch read a statement from the FFRF which stated that a Catholic shrine is exclusionary and creates a preference for Christian veterans. In a jawdroppingly amazing comment, Rehberg said that just because it was put up by the Knights of Columbus, that doesn't make it a shrine and that it's nothing more than a "testament" to freedom. (Scuse me, it's a statue of a religious figure worshipped by a major religion, hellooo??) Doocy said "sure" when Rehberg thanked the Knights. The website address was posted on the chyron.

Comment: Nice effort on the part of Fox & Friends to do some Christian community organizing. But according to reports, not mentioned on the show, case law would seem to be against those want to keep this private, religious memorial on public land. Wonder how the "friends" would react if one Christian complained about a Muslim star and crescent memorial on public land. Hmmm. Put away your hankie, Jesus, Fox & Friends has your back.


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