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The Fox Phony War On Christmas Extended To A Phony War On Halloween

Reported by Aunty Em - October 23, 2011 -

The Fox “News” Phony War On Christmas has gone so well, the network has decided to extend it to other holidays. It’s all a part of The Good Fight™ against what Gretchen Carlson has often claimed is “political correctness run amok.” Which is why, for the last few days, the Foxy Friends on Fox and Friends have been attacking public schools that are attempting to moderate, or eliminate, Halloween celebrations (only during school hours when children are supposed to be learning). However, it’s curious. It’s not like the Halloween has any link to Jesus or flag-waving or even a flag-waving Jesus—the usual reasons for the Foxy Friends to defend holiday nostalgia. One wonders why they would even bother defending Halloween. Thankfully, Fox and Friends Weekend answered that question yesterday. Watch, and read along, as they venerate Halloween as vehemently as they usually do the baby Jesus’ birthday:

Dave Briggs: [00:55] They want to celebrate the spirit of “equity,” says this school in Portland, Oregon, not exclude people by allowing them to wear costumes. And, if you wear one, what, you get suspended…or…or…detention? You get in trouble from the principal.

Clayton Morris: Candy—they don’t want candy corn and certainly candies. [COMMENT: Huh?!?!] C’mon! Leave Halloween alone!!! It’s one of my favorites of the year. Leave it alone, fer crying out loud!

Dave Briggs: Well, they pretty much eliminated Christmas, so they gotta go somewhere.

BREAKING NEWS: There you have it, ’Merka. The very same people making trouble for Christians now want to do away with your children’s Halloween (only during school hours). What holiday will they attack next? Never fear witches, warlocks and zombies: Fox and Friends is here to defend your Pagan holiday and your right to Trick or Treat.