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"Not A Birther" Hannity Attacks Obama For Not Releasing His Birth Certificate

Reported by Ellen - October 18, 2011 -

During the latter part of last night's “Great American Panel” segment (in which actor Kevin Sorbo complained about “the race card” and then suggested American black voters are racist) pollster Bernard Whitman said there was a “major racist element” to the birthers. Predictably, Sean Hannity didn’t think so. Then he said, with a straight face, “It was never my issue." But his next words were, "But I gotta tell you something. What was such a big deal to say, ‘Show your birth certificate?’ Why didn’t they just show it and get it over with? Why did this have to drag on forever?” Did Hannity’s nose just start growing again? UPDATE: Hannity also just so happened to add fuel to the birther fire by falsely stating that Obama "grew up in Kenya."

This is not the first time Hannity has laughably said Obama’s birth certificate was “never” his issue. If that’s the case, he sure did a good job of playing someone on TV whose issue it was. He not only discussed the issue on at least six different segments, he pushed the subject hard with then-presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty despite Pawlenty repeatedly smacking it down.

So which is it, Hannity – not your issue and you faked it for political gain or you lied when you said it wasn’t a big deal to you?

Hannity’s feigned disbelief about “Why didn’t they just show it and get it over with” instead of “drag(ging) it on forever” is even more disingenuous. Or else inexcusably ignorant. If Hannity didn’t know that President Obama’s birth certificate had been produced, carefully examined and authenticated by two different professional fact-checking organizations – in 2008, when the issue first became prominent - he should resign immediately.

If there really was any doubt about the eligibility for office of the man currently in the White House, it was not just the biggest story of the century but the biggest story of the century that an entire news network dedicated to “the balance” of the “liberal media” had missed.

So which is it, Hannity knew the birth certificate issue had no merit or he and the rest of the Fox News network had failed to investigate signs of a potentially monumental fraud three years earlier?

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