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Cavuto On Business Panelists Sneer At Electric And Hybrid Cars

Reported by Ellen - October 16, 2011 -

By Brian and Ellen

Yesterday (10/15/11), Cavuto on Business discussed Chevy's Spark, a new electric car. Guest Amilya Antonetti pretty much set the tone by saying, "They're trying to push this crazy green agenda with something that absolutely not listening to one thing that any American is saying." A statement like that is pretty funny given that her website boasts she is “one of the pioneers of the ‘human and Earth friendly’ movement and champion to bring ‘Green’ mainstream." I guess that’s only when she’s selling her own products, not selling her punditry on Fox News. But in addition to being a hypocrite, she’s kinda, sorta – well, wrong.

According to PR Newswire, 85% of American consumers feel “ready” to buy an electric car. But maybe this is the key finding of the poll: Younger drivers are more willing than older drivers to purchase the electric-only cars, and people who describe themselves as liberals are similarly more inclined to desire the all-electric cars than those classified as conservatives.

So it looks like Antonetti is the one who isn’t listening to what America is saying. Or at least not listening to Americans who don’t fit Fox News' demographic and mindset.

Neither, apparently, is host Neil Cavuto. He said, "I know a stupid vehicle when I see one, and I know the American people respond to stupid vehicles when they see one. They're not buying this. Now, the Volt might make perfect sense. They’re not buying it.” He called the Spark "a smaller, cheaper version of the same piece of crap."

It’s true the Volt is not a huge seller. But it’s not exactly a dud, either, at least not obviously so. According to FoxNews.com, Chevy Volt sales rose 240% in September and GM claims demand is high. The Chicago Tribune noted in an article called, Chevy Volt sales don't have expected spark,

Up to now, the Volt has been available for sale in only seven test markets including New York, California and GM's home state of Michigan. Even so, Volts have found homes in all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii, said Peterson. Some people can't wait for them to be available in their own states. They want the cars so badly they're buying them and shipping them across oceans and continents.

Furthermore, it’s not like GM is pushing the Spark as the next Ford Focus or Honda Civic. USA Today recently reported:

"Do we expect (Spark EV) to be a high-volume model? Of course, not. It'll be slow growth," says Jim Federico, GM's chief engineer for small vehicles and electrics.

So what’s wrong with selling electric cars to a select group of people who want one – other than the fact the people who want them are not likely to be in Fox News' audience?

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