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Glenn Beck Back On Fox News To Demonize, Fear Monger And Hate Monger About Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Reported by Ellen - October 15, 2011 -

Glenn Beck visited The O’Reilly Factor last night and it was just like old times. Apocalyptic? Check. Hate mongering? Check. Incendiary rhetoric? Check. Tied to President Obama without any real facts? Check. Van Jones smear? Check. The only things missing were his crocodile tears and the chalkboard. But it was easy to get the picture anyway as he foamed at the mouth about how the Occupy Wall Street Protesters were poised to unleash some world calamity. O’Reilly seemed skeptical about some of it but he didn’t offer any serious challenge and even egged on Beck at points.

“Take these people seriously,” Beck admonished in his serious voice.

He worked in some other fave targets, the SEIU and AFL-CIO, too. The SEIU head wants to “collapse the system” and “get people to not pay their bills,” Beck warned an outwardly credulous O’Reilly.

Beck also seized on the bogus claim that protesters are being paid to protest. Media Matters has nicely debunked that point. Not that O’Reilly either knew or cared. He allowed Beck to somberly intone that the so-called evidence on Craig’s List had since been scrubbed.

“Now it’s more organic in nature,” Beck continued, “but you have people on the streets calling for revolution.” He complained about the “horrible job” the media is doing “in explaining what this really is… how it is global in nature… This is a Marxist revolution that is global in its nature.”

Instead of offering any challenge to such bloviating, O’Reilly gave it credence by citing a New York Magazine “survey” in which 34% said “Al Qaeda and the USA are the same.”

Which was really only more baloney. The New York Magazine “survey” was really a series of interviews with 100 Occupy Wall Street protesters. The magazine made no apparent effort to make it a scientific poll nor did it call the results a scientific poll. Furthermore, the respondents did not say the USA was “the same” as Al Qaeda, they said the USA was “no better” than Al Qaeda. There’s a difference, though O’Reilly probably wouldn’t think so.

Somehow, Beck tied it all into another Fox News boogey institution – colleges and universities. “We are paying, our institutions, our higher learning institutions, to indoctrinate our kids into, into Marxism.” His “evidence?” That despite claiming to be concerned about student loans, nobody is demonstrating in front of the universities. “They’re the only ones that can affect the price of education,” Beck said self-importantly. “Why are the universities all of a sudden blameless?”

Then it was time to ratchet up the fear mongering. “They’re serious. The really dangerous groups that are inside, they are well organized and they are organized all over the globe,” Beck said.

But wait, they left out George Soros!

Well, not for long. “What’s the George Soros factor here?” O’Reilly asked.

Beck replied, “George Soros is connected with this through The Tides Foundation. The Tides Foundation, his Open Society and Code Pink are involved in what is called the Occupy Wall Street Journal.” Is that it? Soros is tied to the protest’s newsletter? Even if, as Beck said in response to a grave-faced O’Reilly’s question about the “editorial bent,” it’s a publication devoted to “revolution,” that’s kind of small potatoes in a movement that has spread across the country.

Apparently, the Soros-bashing would have to be expounded on another time because the segment was winding down and Beck hadn’t gotten to Van Jones or President Obama yet. “There are two branches of this tree,” Beck explained. We’re seeing the first one, the Marxist revolution branch.” First, Beck hit Obama. “He is a street organizer. He knows everything that’s going on and he knows all the people that are involved.”

The other branch, that we’ll “see soon” is the one that “will appear to be more Tea Party-like and that one will be run by Van Jones.” So Obama will be a power behind the throne of the first branch and Van Jones behind the second one. “There will be chaos and violence in the streets and then Van Jones will appear with his nice, little organization that looks far more reasonable. That’s why they (try to) destroy the Tea Party... The media did everything they could to destroy (the Tea Party.) They’re doing that now to the country.”

Did O’Reilly challenge any of that? Heck, no. He said, “We’re gonna prove that two segments down. We have some studies on how the media covered the Tea Party as opposed to this.”

It's enough to make you want to cry over the state of our media that a guy like this would be given any kind of credibility by anyone on any airwave.

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