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Brian Kilmeade's And Fox News Islamophobia?

Reported by Priscilla - October 13, 2011 -

When a group of NY City Muslims decided to convert their downtown property into an Islamic cultural center, the right wing world went into paroxysms of Islamophobic rage. Never wanting to waste an opportunity to further divide Americans, Fox News, in tandem with Islamophobic hate group leader, Pam Geller and the Murdoch owned NY Post, provided a not so "fair & balanced" media "megaphone" for those who were opposed to the "Ground Zero Mosque." A standard bearer for the anti-mosque forces was Fox "friend," Brian Kilmeade, who never wasted an opportunity to validate the hatred which included his statement, for which he reluctantly apologized, that "all terrorists are Muslims." It appears that Kilmeade's palpable opposition to the mosque wasn't done as part of his dramatis (and buffonish) persona on Fox News but rather, playing to type!

That it was very real for Brian, who has a history of anti-Islamic comments, is shown in an old comment, under "Mosque Madness," on his blog in which he talks about how "we were outraged" about the "mosque" and how "pleased" he was by the "passion" of those who spoke out about the "problem." But here's the question, who is "we?" Was he using the "royal we in referring to himself" or is he including himself and his fellow Islamophobic travelers? Was he referring to his show "Fox & Friend" which never saw an Islamophobe it didn't warmly embrace? Was he talking about his radio audience? Or was he referring to Fox News which certainly provided aid and comfort for the "passions" of the Islamophobes? Flash forward a year and the cultural center has officially opened. So much for Brian's - or is it Fox's - "passion" - or is it base bigotry?


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