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Fox's Fr. Jonathan Morris Defends Romney's Faith Yet Attacked Obama For His

Reported by Priscilla - October 12, 2011 -

That the GOP is threatened by African American expressions of self affirmation was clearly demonstrated by their fear and loathing of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the African American former pastor of Chicago's United Church of Christ Trinity Church and spiritual mentor to Barack Obama. Because Wright preached a gospel that was geared to African American affirmation, seen by the right wing as analogous to Marxism, it was used to attack Obama by suggesting that his policies would favor black liberation interests. As the mouthpiece for the rabid right, Fox "News" picked up this meme during the run up to the 2008 elections and continuing to this day in what has to be their best play of the "scary black man" card. Their seeming 24 and 7 loop of Wright's "controversial" sermons promoted the meme that, because of his connection to Rev. Wright, Obama would be handing the government over to a gang of Mau-Mau's. Recently, a radical Southern Baptist preacher questioned presidential candidate Mitt Rommey's ability to govern because he's a member of a "cult" religion. Given that this was a religious attack, it wasn't surprising to see Fox's resident clergyman, Fr. Jonathan Morris provide a religious perspective. It's funny. The "divisive" rhetoric that Morris is now condemning was something that he actively promoted against a Democratic candidate for president. Seems a little inconsistent but Morris is ministering to his Fox flock.

Those who were appropriately appalled by this bigotry included Fox News' resident clergyman, Catholic priest Father Jonathan Morris who described Rev. Jeffress' comment about Romney as "divisive." Interestingly, he didn't call on Rick Perry to disavow the comments. But there's some irony here. Morris was one of the members of the Fox News choir who didn't have a problem attacking Rev. Wright and by extension Barack Obama. In an article, on the Fox news website, in 2008, Morris pontificated about how Rev. Wright promoted "black liberation theology" which encouraged - are ya ready for it - class warfare which is something that Fr. Johnny is still preaching against during his many appearances on Fox News and Fox Business. He then suggested that Obama's ability to govern might be compromised by his association with Wright. In a video, done after the article, Morris has a total hissy fit about Wright and Obama's connection to him. A year ago, Morris questioned Obama's faith because he hadn't chosen a church. In May of this year Morris said that he, personally, couldn't vote for Obama because he doesn't trust him.

So who's being "divisive?" Blessed are the hypocrites for they shall get a Fox paycheck.

Note - Morris said that the Mormons don't do baptisms in the name of the Holy Spirit. They do.

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