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Van Susteren Helps Spin Palin’s Decision Not To Run For President

Reported by Ellen - October 6, 2011 -

As I’ve repeatedly posted, it’s been abundantly clear for quite some time that Sarah Palin would not run for president. And while it’s hard to believe that Fox News, Palin’s employer, didn’t know it, too, Fox nonetheless fueled speculation that she might run, as she coyly played along. Or vice versa. Not surprisingly, Palin chose her BFF Greta Van Susteren’s On The Record as the Fox News show on which to discuss the “breaking news” that she officially will not run.* Even then, Van Susteren helped keep up the charade that Palin had been a serious candidate.

It was just like the good old days of 2008 for the two gal pals. Van Susteren told us an anecdote about Palin’s son’s marker on her IPad and also fed Palin a series of softball questions. Touching? No, disturbing, coming as it does between a supposed news host and a supposed politician, a purported presidential candidate, even.

Palin fed Van Susteren ridiculous answers that were not challenged. “After prayerful consideration and a lot of discussion with the family, I concluded that I believe I can be an effective voice and a real decisive role in helping get true public servants elected to office,” Palin claimed.

True public servants? Like the ones who won’t quit halfway through a term? Oh, that’s right. Palin resigned the governorship out of concern for her public, not because she figured she could earn a lot more money in the private sector. Of course, Palin's history as a quitter never came up.

Instead, Van Susteren continued to feed the Palin-as-presidential-material meme. “I imagine in some ways, it’s a disappointment,” Van Susteren said, as though she really believed Palin had been seriously considering running. But Van Susteren quickly comforted Palin by saying she was young enough to have “many more years” to try again. “But is there some sort of sadness or ‘Boy, I wish I could do it now?’” Van Susteren asked.

Short answer: none. Oh, Palin put up a veneer of having been undecided: “I would go back and forth about whether now is the time,” she said. But she continued, “No, after making the decision today and making the announcement… I know that it’s the right decision and I know that I can join others and be effective in helping change what’s going on in our country.”

What happened to that “roaring fire in the belly” she said she felt for running? Van Susteren didn’t bring it up.

“This isn’t about me,” Palin laughably insisted. “This is about Americans who are understanding that we have got to get the right people in these positions of leadership.” She went on to lecture about energy independence, “onerous regulations,” and “to not coddle our enemies.”

Palin beamed as she answered in the affirmative Van Susteren’s question as to whether or not she has been contacted by any of the existing Republican candidates and said she’s eager to work with them. But while they’ll probably be paying homage to her now, I think Palin's lack of popularity with both the public and her peers means we can count on Palin being shoved into the closet the moment the general election is upon us faster than you can say, “Rev. Jeremiah Wright.” That is, assuming she won’t antagonize and alienate everyone of significance in the meanwhile.

*Note: It turns out Palin announced her decision originally on Mark Levin's radio show, not even on her own employer's network.

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