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Fox News Crew Maced and Beaten On Wall Street As Jon Stewart Mocks Fox’s Coverage Of Occupy Wall Street

Reported by Aunty Em - October 6, 2011 -

As News Hounds has reported, Fox “News” has been dismissive of the Occupy Wall Street protests springing up across the nation. This seems odd, considering how much free publicity the unfair and balanced network gave to the astro-turfed Teabagger protests. Contrast that with Occupy Wall Street, which appears totally organic: A few weeks ago most people knew nothing of it and it has been growing daily, despite getting very little coverage in the MSM. This has obviously spooked the Fox “News” Channel because it has yet to accurately report on the protests. Instead the so-called news channel has employed the spin and ridicule for which it’s known when something disturbs The Force. Since the sharpest observer of today’s political scene remains a cable comedy show, Jon Stewart couldn’t help but point out the Fox News hypocrisy on OWS, with special shout outs to Sean Hannity and Steve Doocy. Watch:

Meanwhile, at nearly the same time Jon Stewart was taping his show, intrepid reporters from My Fox New York, the local Fox “News” affiliate on channel 5, ventured into the crowd. No doubt they were hoping to capture some more embarrassing clips of protestors. Certainly, they weren’t expecting to be maced and beaten along with the protestors. The article is here, but the reporter tells the story much better. Watch:

Occupy Wall Street Arrests; Fox 5 Crew and Protesters Hit by Mace, Batons: MyFoxNY.com

A few items worth pointing out:

• This morning on Fox and Friends, in its continued coverage of trying to make OWS look foolish, they used the raw footage from My Fox New York of the officer beating the protestors. However, the Foxy Friends failed to mention their own reporters were beaten and maced. Certainly just an oversight.

• While it’s hard to make a determination with such a small piece of video, it appears that this cop just started swinging when the crowd closed in on him. This impression is bolstered by the reporter’s own voice-over. This was also not mentioned by the Foxy Friends this morning. Certainly just another oversight.

• The article on the My Fox New York web site has a fun typo: Officers, many wearing white shorts indicating supervisor rank, swatted protesters with batons and sprayed them with mace, video from the scene showed. NYPD supervisors wear white shirts, not white “shorts,” especially after Labor Day.

You won’t hear any of that on Fox “News” though. The “Fair & Balanced” network is only interested in denigrating OWS, while continuing to give Teabaggers positive reinforcement. This morning those Foxy Friends are setting the table for that meme. Prediction: It will continue all day and honest reporting about the Occupy Wall Street protests will suffer.