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Bill O’Reilly: The Occupy Wall Street Protests Are A George Soros Plot

Reported by Ellen - October 6, 2011 -

In another Fox News effort to turn the Occupy Wall Street protests into some kind of political talking-point for the right, Bill O’Reilly came up with a way to blame Fox News uber-boogeyman George Soros for the whole thing. Never mind that he had to twist the theory into a pretzel explaining why a big capitalist like Soros is behind an effort to force socialism down the throats of Americans (as O’Reilly sees the protests). Bill has it figured out!

“What we do know is that these folks are zealots,” O’Reilly intoned early in his Talking Points segment last night (10/5/11). “…MoveOn, funded in part by Soros, has openly allied itself with the protesters.”
Aha! That’s the connection! MoveOn - funded in part, not run by, not working at the direction of - but receiving some funds from Soros must be a puppet. By that logic, PBS is or was a puppet of, say, ExxonMobil.
After throwing some more of the usual scapegoats (unions) into the demonized mix, O’Reilly generously announced that “not all workers in those unions support bringing down capitalism.”

In fact, as even O’Reilly seemed to later admit, not even the protesters want to “bring down capitalism.” But he was willing to use some sleight of hand to obscure that fact.
“What do these people want?” O'Reilly asked. The common thread seems to be income equality… basically socialistic outfits… You can get it in places like Cuba and Zimbabwe.”
But then came a wrinkle that even O'Reilly had to acknowledge: Soros is, as O'Reilly put it, “the biggest capitalist on the planet.” Not to worry, O'Reilly had it covered: “He (Soros) wants power and these groups are using the far-left zealots to try to achieve that.”
But then O'Reilly read an “official” Occupy Wall Street statement saying, “We want to voice our belief that the American dream will live again, that the American way is to help one another succeed. Our voice, our values will be heard.”

So wait a minute! Isn't the American Dream a capitalist one? Not after O'Reilly got through with it. “The key phrase there is to help one another succeed,” He advised. “They want to take stuff.”

At Soros' direction, no doubt.


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