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Cavuto’s “Commentary” More Like A Herman Cain Campaign Commercial

Reported by Guest Blogger - October 3, 2011 -

This was Neil Cavuto’s loving tribute to Herman Cain disguised as his “Commentary” segment on Friday (9/30/11). Cavuto insisted he was not trying to promote Cain but he ended by saying that the more he hears from Cain’s critics, “The more I just want, well, to vomit.”

It began with Cavuto saying sarcastically, "So Herman Cain can't be President because he's never been a politician. He’s never been Governor, never been a Senator, never elected to the House, never elected to anything. Anything! So what the heck would prepare Herman to run everything? I mean a pizza guy, in charge of the whole pie?”

Cavuto continued. “It's amazing that the more Herman rises, the more they raise Cain. Why? Because this fast phenomenon came from fast food? Because the things he turned around were franchises and not boondoggles? Because he made pies and didn't just talk about expanding pies? Because his experience wasn't losing money, but making money? Because he met a payroll and didn't oversee shrinking payrolls? Because when everyone was asking 'Where's the beef?' Herman was making the beef? And because when another President espoused the values of national health care 17 years ago, Herman politely warned him about pitfalls eerily familiar today?”

Cavuto played a clip of Cain criticizing then-President Clinton’s health care plan.

“That was then, food for thought now,” Cavuto added. Food guys can make you think. And who knows better about recipes that won't work? All I know is, when the kitchen's on fire, who better than the guy who's been in the kitchen and taken the heat?”

“Now, I'm not here to sing Herman's praises," Cavuto laughably added, "but urge fairness from all of his critics. Because I'd rather have a President who knows how to turn businesses around than a politician who just talks around and around. From any party. The food guy gets it. Would it kill any of his critics to at least chew on it? Because the more I hear from them, the more I just want, well to vomit."

This is just one of many times that Cavuto has promoted Cain on Your World.

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