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Fox’s Judge Jeanine Pirro Suggests The U.S. “Revisit” The First Amendment

Reported by Ellen - October 2, 2011 -

Fox News host and birther Jeanine Pirro shocked her own conservative guest when, in a discussion about the assassination of American-born Al Qaeda member, Anwar Al-Awlaki, she eagerly suggested the United States “revisit,” i.e. scale back, the First Amendment as a protection against jihadists.

During the discussion, guest Alexander Hitchens was asked what it was that made American Al-Awlaki turn against the U.S. Hitchens explained that Al-Awlaki’s interpretation of Islam was “problematic” and said, “A lot of people who have his views began as non-violent Islamists, as it were, and graduated to the violence after losing patience with the sort of political process.”

Pirro, perhaps working toward her goal of attacking the First Amendment, said, “Look, he was preaching in a mosque in Virginia openly.” Then, she added, “Should we revisit the First Amendment, given the violent rhetoric that this guy was involved in?”

There was a moment of shocked silence. Finally, conservative guest and Fox News contributor KT McFarland spoke up. “I’m not sure you want to go there.”

Pirro interrupted whatever McFarland was about to say next in order to assure her, “I do!”

Question: What do you call a judge who goes on television and blithely suggests she’d like to restrict the U.S. Constitution? Answer: A Fox News patriot.

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