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Fox News Civil War! Dick Morris Blasts “Teases” Chris Christie, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump

Reported by Ellen - September 29, 2011 -

Ordinarily, I don’t put much credence in anything Dick Morris has to say but it’s rare for any Fox News pundit to attack another and in this case, Morris went after two of his colleagues, one regular guest and the darling of boss Roger Ailes, all in one shot.

For the record, we can chalk Morris up as yet another Fox News pundit who doesn’t think Christie will run. But unlike other Fox News pundits, Morris added, “I’m sick and tired of his teasing the United States. I think that he should cut bait or fish, he should put up or shut up, he should stop this BS of waltzing around the issue and being so cutesy in his denials.”

Morris went on to say that Christie’s behavior was hurting the party because “candidates can’t raise money, people are not focusing on the message enough, everybody’s rooting for the man who isn’t there.”

But Morris didn’t leave it there. He continued, “This entire nominating race has been overshadowed by people who self-indulgently floated their name, basked in the adulation and then said, ‘Oh, no thanks.’ We had three months of Donald Trump, we had one month of Mitch Daniels, we had Mike Huckabee. We have Sarah Palin running all over the country in buses pretending she’s sort of, maybe not running. Now Chris Christie does what every governor of New Jersey does: he gives a foreign policy address at the Reagan Library. Come on!”

Morris went on to say that there are real candidates running and that Christie, et al. should do them the courtesy of paying attention to them and, “If you’re not going to run, get out of the way!”

But then, Morris was back to his crackpot theories. His latest is that Bill Clinton is “laying the groundwork for Hillary to run if Obama pulls out.” Morris’ theory is that Obama MAY be forced out of the race by Democratic senators who fear he’ll cost them the U.S. Senate.

O’Reilly obviously found that ridiculously unlikely.

The segment closed with breaking news about the arrest of a terror suspect. Surprisingly, both O’Reilly and Morris praised Obama’s work on terrorism.

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