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Fox's Peter Johnson Jr. Is A Maltese Knight!

Reported by Priscilla - September 27, 2011 -

Rupert Murdoch, a Catholic Knight of St. Gregory, isn't the only knight in tarnished armor in his media empire. Fox News' legal beagle Peter Johnson Jr. isn't just your average Fox News Catholic. He's a Knight of Malta. While I don't know if these uber Catholic knights have super secret handshakes or wear funny hats, it appears that they are invitation only and according to author Seymour Hersh they are Christian fanatics who think of themselves as modern day crusaders.

While they were founded during the Crusades, they no longer fight Muslims (as far as we know) but are involved in charity. They also have non member status at the UN. Anyway, bet ya didn't know that about Peter Johnson, Jr. And if Johnson and Murdoch were to get into a joust, my money's on Murdoch!

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