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Fox & Friends Guest Says Muslims Should Be Grateful To Live In The US

Reported by Priscilla - September 23, 2011 -

Fox & Friends underscored, once again, why Fox News was cited by the Center for American Progress' Report, "Fear, Inc.," as being part of an American Islamophobia network. Recently, Democratic Congressman Mike Quigley spoke to an audience of Islamic students. He referenced how, in the US, there are those "who create scapegoats" and apologized, on behalf of the country, for discrimination faced by the Muslim community. Well that set off a firestorm of indignation in the right wing world cuz Merka don't need to apologize for nuthin especially to those ungrateful, uppity Muslims. Right. I'm being snarky. But the sad reality is that my snark is based on the comments of a recent Fox & Friends guest, the right wing retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters who also writes columns for the Murdoch owned NY Post. Rather than address the kind of bigotry, hate crimes,and the occasional mosque vandalism directed against Muslims that is facilitated by Fox News, Peters insulted Islam and Muslims (According to some on Fox, Christianity is the only faith safe to denigrate?) to make his case that those ungrateful, uppity Muslims should be grateful to live in Merka.

On Wednesday's Fox & Friends, Brian Kilmeade who, last year, reluctantly apologized for saying that all terrorists are Muslim, reported on Rep. Quigley's "surprise apology" to American Muslims. He played the part of the tape in which Quigley apologized. He didn't play the part of the tape when Quigley talked about how "the strength of this country is its diversity" and quoted MLK, Jr. who said the same thing. Peters, in sarcastically "asking" what we should be apologizing for, promoted inaccurate, uninformed, and biased stereotypes about Muslims that the right wing and Fox News love to promote. What he was really saying was that American Muslims are protected from honor killings (not sanctioned by mainstream Muslim scholars and not commonplace in western societies) and the Muslims get a better education in the US than they get anywhere else in the world (in our educational system that is falling behind Europe and China?) Ignoring the fact that the US inflicted lots of collateral damage on innocent Iraqis, he touted how we got rid of Saddam Hussein who killed lots of Muslims. Ignoring the collateral damage from US drones, he praised US efforts to eradicate Al Qaeda. After Peters mentioned the aid that we give to the Palestinians, Kilmeade interjected "after they burned our flag."

Kilmeade praised Peters for predicting the "war on terror." Peters, in praising himself, said that he and some other guys did some unbiased reporting without thinking of future promotions. (And yet, he ends up working for Murdoch. Fancy that!) Peters promoted his new book "Line of Fire" about modern warfare.

Comment: Muslims should get down on their knees and praise Jesus (cuz according to the nice Christians on Fox Nation, Allah is a demon god) for being able to live in a country where a major "news" network, in aiding and abetting those who hate Islam, denigrates them at every available opportunity. Doesn't get any better than that.

Nothing to apologize for here, nosiree


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