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Bill O'Reilly Drops His Threat Of Quitting If His Taxes Go Up

Reported by Ellen - September 21, 2011 -

Monday night (9/19/11), Bill O'Reilly threatened to quit working and investing if higher taxes on the wealthy go up. That got quite a bit of notice - as of this writing my post has gotten more than 163,000 page views - plus I've seen a lot of comments and tweets that were not exactly broken up at the prospect. Tuesday night (9/20/11), O'Reilly continued harping on the tax issue, but somehow, he didn't mention a word about quitting.

Once again, O'Reilly's Talking Points commentary that opens each show was devoted to the prospect of higher taxes for the wealthy. Once again, O'Reilly ignored the fact that a large majority of "the folks" (you know, the ones O'Reilly always claims to be looking out for) are in favor of tax hikes for the wealthy as he complained, "The rich are already taxed enough."

But unlike the night before, he didn't say a word about quitting.

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