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Bob Beckel Is A Punching Bag For Fox "News"

Reported by Aunty Em - September 20, 2011 -

The Five is never going to win any Emmys because it remains the worst show on tee vee. One reason is how much disinformation is pushed in that hour; seemingly more than any other single hour on Fox “News,” and that’s saying something. Another reason it won’t win any awards is how they treat Bob Beckel. Beckel is the lone liberal lined up against the four conservatives on the show. Four against one is a formulation that Fox seems to think is “fair and balanced.” Therefore, no matter who sits in that seat, they would find themselves ganged up on. [Juan Williams has appeared in that spot a few times and is The Five’s back-up Liberal when Beckel’s not available.] While the other 4 interrupt Beckel constantly, it wouldn’t matter because Beckel interrupts himself constantly to go off on strange tangents. He even interrupts his own strange tangents to go off on even stranger tangents. Most of those tangents seem to be about Bob’s previous substance abuse problems, of which there seems to have been many substances to abuse. He also, apparently, has had several relapses over the years while trying to dry out. While I applaud Beckel for finally kicking his habit(s), The Five is not Beckel’s personal AA meeting and the other four are no friend of Bill’s. Nor are they friends of Bob’s. They gang up on him daily and it comes off more like cruel fraternity hazing than convivial badinage. They don’t treat Beckel with any degree of seriousness. In fact, he’s basically treated like a joke by the other 4 hosts. Just the mere mention of his name is used as a punch line. I had been lulled into thinking Goody Two Shoes Dana Perino was different because she refrained from engaging in this locker room towel-snapping. However, it turns out she’s no different. She used her regular Monday appearance on Fox and Friends, in part, to make fun of Bob Beckel. Watch:

It occurred right at the end of Dana Perino’s segment on Fox and Friends, which was live in (at?) The Villages [♫ Florida’s friendliest home town ♪]. As expected, the segment included the usual trashing of President Obama and his policies. However, at the end Brain Brian Kilmeade decided to promote Perino’s daily appearances on The Five, asking the audience “Do you all like The Five? Isn’t that a great show?”

Out of nowhere, and apropos of absolutely nothing, Perino shouts, “Do you all like Bob Beckel?” as Kilmeade chuckles. Doocy responds, “What’s not to love about Bob Beckel, that lovable [unintelligible – maybe “puffball”]? Kilmeade asks the audience again, “Do you guys like Bob Beckel?” The audience reaction is decidedly mixed and boos can be heard above Doocy shouting “Yeah.” The audience shot even shows one woman doing the “thumbs down” thing, as if she’s watching Christians fight lions at the Coliseum. Maybe in her mind she was.

Dana Perino knew full well what the reaction would be. She managed to elevate the Beckel Bashing to a whole new level by taking it out of the 5PM hour and bringing it into the morning. Yet, with that butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth demeanor, Dana Perino has total deniability: “Why, gosh, golly, oh gee! I never said anything bad against Bob Beckel.”

Bob Beckel: The Fox “News” joke that never ends.