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O'Reilly Continues His Jihad Against Murdered Abortion Provider Dr. George Tiller

Reported by Ellen - September 16, 2011 -

If you thought that "pro-life" Bill O'Reilly might have gained some Christian tolerance after the murder of Dr. George Tiller (after years of being demonized by O'Reilly), think again. O'Reilly has merely found a new avenue of attack: the clinic Dr. Tiller worked at and his successor there. O'Reilly didn't just manage to renew attacks on the late Dr. Tiller (while denouncing his murder), but he snapped at his own guest, the ever-polite Margaret Hoover to "stop it!" (i.e. "shut up!") as she tried to defend the clinic.

With chilling hostility, O'Reilly made a point of enunciating the name of Tiller's successor and played a video of her and the clinic on B-roll for many seconds. It's hard to believe it was for any other purpose than to personalize the demonization. He also said he'll be following the story.

I hope Dr Neuhaus (Tiller's successor) has top-notch personal security.

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