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Fox And Friends Are No Friends To Paul Krugman

Reported by Aunty Em - September 13, 2011 -

It was another hefty helping of hypocrisy on Fox & Friends Monday morning when The Three Stooges went after Paul Krugman for his NYT’s opinion piece on the anniversary of Nine Eleven. While it was a predictable show of outrage, where was the rank hypocrisy? On two points, actually. As Priscilla pointed out in “Megyn Kelly Advances Right Wing Attack On Paul Krugman” there are many topics on which Fox and Friends believes no one should have an opinion unless it gibes with their opinion. “But don't ya love how the Constitution loving right wing loves the First Amendment? Gretchen Carlson says that it shouldn't apply on December 25th. And now, the Fox News First Amendment free zone has been extended to September 11th.” However, the Stooges seemed more concerned about the fact that Krugman wouldn’t allow comments on his column. Yet Fox News Dot Com and Fox Nation are forced to close comments threads constantly because of the hate generated by the Fox “News” audience. As Ellen pointed out, the most recent example of which was on the thread called “9/11, Ten Years Later: Share Your Thoughts and Memories,” which specifically asked for comments in the headline. OOPS! I guess that comment thread got a bit too heated.

Watch Steve, Brian and Gretch foment some Krugman outrage:

BK: […] He’s trying to matter again. Clearly. And the fact that he doesn’t accept posts shows you how prideful he is of the column and I’m being sarcastic… [crosstalk]

SD: No the reason—Brian, the reason he did not accept posts—

BK: Because he knows he’s going to get blasted!

SD: —there are only a certain number of ways you can say, “You’re an idiot.”

I can sympathize. This is the same thing I struggle with every time I sit down to write about Fox and Friends.

However, it wasn’t just those Foxy Friends and Megyn Kelly. Fox Nation had to get in on the fun as well:


The article Fox Nation reprinted originally appeared on Right Wing web site NewsBusters.* Oddly enough, Fox Nation softened the original headline:


The whole F&F Krugman segment ended with unintended irony, with Doocy saying:

SD: What do you think about his comments George Bush and Rudy Giuliani are fake heroes? Email us [address redacted]

GC: And you can Twitter us as well.

SD: Yeah. Unlike him, we’ll take responses.

Yet, I’m sure they received many responses that couldn’t be read on the air because of the hate. How can I be so sure? Because Fox “News” viewers are so predictable. Just yesterday Ellen alerted the Secret Service to a Fox Nation thread that had a death threat for First Lady Michelle Obama. And, that was just over a “Pic of the Day,” showing FLOTUS playing tennis to highlight her fight against childhood obesity. I can just imagine the comments F&F received after getting the audience all hate-hyped over Krugman’s column.

* Link found wherever links can be found.