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Megyn Kelly Advances Right Wing Attack On Paul Krugman

Reported by Priscilla - September 12, 2011 -

Today's bogus "outrage," in the perpetually outraged right wing community, is an article written by Paul Krugman about how Republicans used 9-11 as a "wedge issue" and have, thus, poisoned the memory of 9-11. Never wanting to waste an opportunity to promote a wedge issue, alleged Fox "news" host, Megyn Kelly, did her patriotic best to continue creating wedges by bashing Krugman whom some in the right wing want fired from his job at the NY Times. It was also an opportunity for more NY Times bashing which is popular spectator sport at Fox "News."

Naturally, GOP partisan Brad Blakeman said that Krugman should be fired because he's a coward and a "hack." He accused Krugman of "spewing hate" and whined about how awesome Bush and Guiliani were during 9-11. Kelly asked Media Benjamin, of "Code Pink," "who is Paul Krugman to pronounce for the world that 9-11 is a day of, an occasion for shame." Benjamin responded that 9-11 was used to justify the invasion of Iraq. As she spoke of how it has increased profits for defense contractors, Blakeman shouted "that's a lie." Kelly "teed up" a question for Benjamin with praise for Rudy Guiliani. She referenced how after 9-11, Guiliani was "America's Mayor" because people "admired the way he brought not just the city together but the country with his calmness and the way he lead the tragedy that was unfolding before his eyes." After the paeans, she asked Benjamin if she agreed with Krugman that "he is a fake hero." After Benjamin said Guiliani used 9-11 as the theme for his presidential run, Blakeman yelled about how awesome Guiliani is.

Kelly asked Benjamin why Krugman wrote his piece on 9-11, "on the ten year mark of 9-11 when we saw the man you call a war criminal, President Bush, on the same platform as President Obama on a day of unity." Benjamin said that drawing back on our military presence would be the best way to honor the victims of 9-11. Kelly mentioned that Krugman did not allow comments on his piece and asked if anybody cares what Krugman thinks. Kelly's question was a clever way of framing the official Fox position. She asked if an editor at the paper should have said that he had First Amendment rights to write say what he said - but not on 9-11. Benjamin said that "freedom of expression" is something that suffered after 9-11. Blakeman yelled that not allowing blog comments didn't square with "freedom of expression." Kelly joined in with Brad by telling Benjamin that she's defending Krugman who won't allow freedom of expression. Blakeman kept blithering about how Krugman didn't allow comments on this post. He got the last word by telling Benjamin that those in the military are fighting for the freedom for Benjamin to "spew her nonsense."

Comment: So instead of focusing on the substance of Krugman's remarks, Kelly and Blakeman zeroed in on Krugman not allowing comments on his post - comments which would have been full of patriotic right wing homicidal fantasies with a dash of anti-Semitism thrown in for good measure. And wait a minute - why did Fox Nation shut down their comments on the Chaz Bono thread? Is Fox Nation suppressing "free expression?" But don't ya love how the Constitution loving right wing loves the First Amendment? Gretchen Carlson says that it shouldn't apply on December 25th. And now, the Fox News First Amendment free zone has been extended to September 11th. Since Megyn Kelly has returned from maternity leave, her commentary hasn't been as vitriolic as previously. But don't let that kinder and gentler presentation fool you. The propaganda is still there on what is billed as Fox News, "Real Journalism, Fair & Balanced." Repeat after me, we hate Paul Krugman...


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