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Megyn Kelly Carries "Ground Zero Cross"

Reported by Priscilla - September 8, 2011 -

While the country is fighting several foreign wars, Fox News is fighting a culture war back on the home front. Using the occasion of the 9-11 anniversary, Fox "News" has showed its true genius, as expressed by Jon Stewart, for validating the sense of conservative victimization. Fox's extensive coverage (here, here, here, here, here) of Mayor Bloomberg's decision to continue the tradition of no religious sermons during the 9-11 memorial service, the "Ground Zero" cross' placement at the 9-11 museum being opposed by atheists, and, amazingly, the program for the 9-11 memorial at the National Cathedral including non-Christians but not Southern Baptists was a culture war coup. Not only did it appeal to the right wing church of perpetual outrage; but it also served to further the patented Fox "News" us vs. them, good vs. bad mentality - in this case, the aggrieved Christians being on the side of the angels. As such, it showed another aspect to the genius of "America's Newroom" - i.e. the ability to divide (and conquer?) the America to which it broadcasts. But it speaks to the priorities of a newsroom that official newsperson Megyn Kelly would focus two segments on the "Ground Zero Cross" - an issue that, if not for Fox "News," would be just a minor blip in the 24 hour news cycle. While yesterday's format was "fair & balanced" and Kelly maintained a modicum of objectivity, unlike alleged "news" woman Martha MacCallum who is appalled by those evil atheists, the take away was clear - Christians good, atheists bad. Get out the pitchforks cuz there's a culture war on and Fox is bringing it.

The manufactured Fox cross controversy is part of the Fox "9-11 Remembered" theme. Thus, when you think about those evil Muslims you can also get yer dander up about those evil atheists - ya think? Kelly immediately provided the Fox "framing" of the issue by defining it as a "growing controversy" which, of course, is growing because of Fox News. The chyron reinforced the message: "Controversy Over Inclusion of Cross at WTC Memorial and Museum." She reported the backstory of how the cross was found in the WTC wreckage and how an atheist group is suing to keep it out of the partially taxpayer funded museum. In speaking with atheist group president David Silverman she noted that she respected him. She, politely, provided the argument for those who support the inclusion of the cross in the museum; i.e. that it is a piece of history. Silverman responded that it was consecrated by a Catholic priest and has become a religious icon. And so it went. Both parties seemed reasonable. But she did bring up the claims, by the atheists, that this issue has caused physical discomfort and while factually true, serves to make the atheists look petty. But so far so good until, Wham, Bang, Pow, Megyn, politely, scored the winning sucker punch when she said that she appreciated David coming on the program; but "I have to say, you, in this argument, are also making people upset an a lot of people in this country do believe in God and went down to 9-11, to the Ground Zero, after 9-11 to pay their respects and this isn't for them about religion, it's about remembering...it just became a part of history..."

Kelly's second cross segment was a full blown promotion of a Christian movie about the cross titled "The Cross and the Tower." Kelly said that the viewers needed to know the story of the cross and that is provided in a "powerful documentary." She played a clip from the movie in which those Christians who found the cross and were inspired by the cross speak about their memories while Christian music is played in the background. She asked the film's director to respond to Silverman's charges. He noted how she provided the correct argument about the historicity of the cross and then described the discovery of the crosses at "God's house" in which Christians and non Christians were "ministered to." Kelly recommended that folks "check it out."

Comment: So Kelly says that the atheists are making people upset. Excuse me? If they're upset, it's because of divisive dreck, like this, that Fox "News" is pushing. Fox is the "agent provocateur" here. Every culture war needs it scapegoats and atheists work well in the Jesus loving world of Fox News. But Fox is just presenting the news - "real journalism, fair & balanced." So if some godly Christian seeks to enact rough justice, Fox's hands are clean. Ya think!


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