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Brian Kilmeade Attacks "Troublemaking" Atheists While Pimping Christian WTC Cross Movie

Reported by Priscilla - September 8, 2011 -

An important part of propaganda is that it should be repeated as often as possible for maximum effect. Fox "News" gets that. One has only to examine the plethora of coverage of regarding the "banning" of clergy from the 9-11 anniversary ceremony by Mayor Michael Bloomberg which, in keeping with their promotion of conservative Christian victimization, is framed as an "outrage." In keeping with the meme of victimized conservative Christians, Fox "News" advanced, yesterday, the newest Fox defined and Fox developed "outrage" and "controversy." Several weeks ago, alleged Fox "news" anchor Martha MacCallum introduced us to the issue of the so called "Ground Zero Cross," which was formed by two broken crossbeams from the WTC. It was revered by 9-11 responders and consecrated by a Catholic priest. As a part of the narrative of 9-11, it is now in the public memorial site. A group of atheists have filed a suit based on First Amendment church/state considerations. Fox is having none of this and yesterday, Megyn Kelly effectively promoted the cross and dissed the atheists. She also promoted a Christian movie about the cross. The propaganda was repeated on America's morning show for persecuted Christians, otherwise known as Fox & Friends. Unlike Kelly, who did host the leader of the atheist group, Kilmeade spoke only to the movie producer. And just like Kelly, good Christian Kilmeade insulted the atheists but not, obviously, directly. Repeat after me - Good Christians are being hurt by evil atheists. If Fox "News" says so, that proves it!

Kilmeade began the segment with a clip from "The Cross and the Towers." The producer, Scott Perkins, described the discovery of the cross. The chyron: " A Sign From Above the Cross That Rose Above Ground Zero." Kilmeade scowled as he asked "who has a problem with this?" (Doesn't he know?) Perkins explained the lawsuit and asserted that "contrary to the fact" the cross is historical piece. Kilmeade said "incredible." He cited a poll (Rasmussen) that showed a 72% support cross (the sample was 1,000) He then insulted the atheists: "This organization is causing trouble on this in particular. You gotta feel that they don't have much to stand on." The chyron: "9-11 Cross Controversy 72% Favor Including Cross at WTC Site." Perkins said that if it just looks like a cross, it isn't a violation of church and state. He neglected to say that the cross was consecrated by a catholic priest and considered a religious icon. Neither said that there are no other religious items at the Memorial.

And it's not only an outrage. As the title of the Fox video says, it's now a "bitter debate." And Fox tells me that the WTC cross is a "sign from above" so screw you atheists!


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