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Hannity Uses Rep. Carson’s Comments As An Excuse To Mount Racial Attacks Against The White House And Congressional Black Caucus

Reported by Ellen - September 1, 2011 -

Even if you believe recent comments by the Congressional Black Caucus were racist, does that give license to a cable news network to make racial attacks in return? On Fox News it does. It’s enough to make you think the racial animosity was just sitting in the closet, waiting for an excuse to come out. Even if you didn’t already know Sean Hannity’s very disturbing record on race.

Hannity’s racialized attack on the Congressional Black Caucus last night (8/31/11) was at least the third in three weeks and it was the most racially antagonistic. As he usually does, Hannity sat silent while his guests did the race-baiting for him. I’m going to include in this post a Brave New Films video I was proud to work on, called Fox Attacks: Black America, which perfectly demonstrates how Hannity in particular cleverly outsources his racial attacks. This time, Hannity deliberately widened the attack to include the White House.

This week’s excuse transgression was the Congressional Black Caucus “hurling insults left and right against the Tea Party movement,” especially Rep. Andre Carson saying it’s a “Jim Crow” effort to “see us as second class citizens,” Hannity announced at the beginning of the segment.

Of course, as I’ve repeatedly noted, there’s almost nothing too bad you can say against Democrats on Fox and on the Hannity show in particular. But at any opportunity, bullyboy Hannity polishes up his martyrdom and uses it as an excuse to launch his own vilification.

Last night’s stacked panel consisted of talk show host Bill Cunningham (he of “Barack Hussein Obama” fame - used again here in a racial context) and African American Michael Meyers. It just so happens Meyers has a habit of going on Hannity and launching attacks on black people. Just like another Hannity fave, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the racial insults to start flying.

Meyers (who later insisted he and the Tea Party are liberals) called Carson’s comments “sheer racial rhetoric chasing after racial idiocy which is the usual fare for the Congressional Black Choir… sing(ing) the same old song of separatism and peddling racial poison.”

No objection from Hannity there! He moved on to deliberately broaden the attack to Obama (and elicit another reference to his middle name) by asking Cunningham, “Where’s the President of the United States?”

Cunningham said, “This is being orchestrated strictly out of the White House. Think of the number of incendiary remarks made by numerous of the acolytes of the Democratic Party. This didn’t come from Carson. This came from Barack Hussein Obama. He’s the one orchestrating the attack in racial terms. Why? He’s losing black votes because of black unemployment… This is a racial attack upon the Tea Party.”

With implicit approval, Hannity responded by saying, “Let’s analyze this… This is obviously a strategy.”

But Cunningham wasn’t done. Overlooking the civil rights movement, he said there were two great grass roots movements in the past 50 years: the anti-war movement and the Tea Party.

With disgusting disingenuousness, Hannity later said, “This is serious. When we’re dividing the country, rich v. poor, black v. white and that anything can be said, whatever happened to the Gabbie Giffords era of civility that the president lectures?”

Maybe Hannity was fooling his viewers or maybe he was just confirming racial animosity they were already feeling. But rational, non-prejudiced people will almost certainly see right through him. Please consider contacting Hannity with your insights at [email protected]. You can also tweet him at @SeanHannity.

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