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Bill O'Reilly, "Man of Faith," To "Offer Up" Communion For Bill Keller?

Reported by Priscilla - August 31, 2011 -

Poor Bill O'Reilly. He was just so stung about Bill Keller's comment about how, to a non-Catholic, the concept of turning communion bread into the actual body of Jesus is rather strange. Keller, in his NY Times article, was merely commenting that there are elements of religions that seem strange to those not in the religion. He went on to say that he wasn't concerned about communion or "Mormon underwear" but about how political candidates, particularly Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, should be questioned as to whether their faiths, seen by many as extreme, would dictate their policy positions. The communion thing was just a throwaway reference; but you wouldn't have known that if you watched Bill's segment in which he used the reference to accuse Keller of insulting Christians - and in the process show his ignorance of "non-Catholics" who, according to Bill, do the bread into body thing when, in reality, the rejection of "Transubstantiation" was a fundamental part of the Protestant Reformation. But enough theology. During the same program, Bill whined to Bernie Goldberg about Keller's "insult." Goldberg said he would leave that part of the discussion to "people of faith" like Bill O'Reilly. ROFLMAO, Bill wonders why Christians get a bad rap. Given his lies, smears, and personal attacks (and an alleged attempt to have his wife's alleged lover investigated), Bill isn't exactly a poster boy for Christianity.

Bill also repeated the perfunctory Christian trope about how if Bill Keller made a similar reference to beliefs of Jews and Muslims (and I would add that along with the "body and blood" thing, papal "infallibility" and the Virgin Mary orbiting the earth (the "Assumption") and prayers which give you a get of Purgatory free card, Catholicism has it all over those two groups in things that are non comprehensible to non-Catholics. And I say this as an ex-Catholic whose "ex" status has a lot do to with this stuff!) Keller would be accused of bigotry. Funny, Bill didn't have a problem with Fox's Brian Kilmeade making that anti-Islamic comment, as a reaction to Bill's anti-Islamic comment, for which Kilmeade sorta apologized. And funny, so far the Mormons haven't publicly whined about Keller's "Mormon underwear" reference. But Bill saved the best for last. After Goldberg mentioned that the NY Times didn't publish the offensive to Muslims Mohammed cartoon, Bill said that if the cartoons had been published, it wouldn't be Christians marching around the Times and threatening the staff. Right Bill - not like the demonstrations, by your fellow anti-choice Christians, outside Planned Parenthood clinics which are the targets on ongoing harassment. Man of faith Bill seems to ignore the reality that his seemingly non-Christian public attacks on abortion provider George Tiller added to the climate of hate in which Tiller was murdered - by a "man of faith." Actually, all the abortion doctor killers were motivated by their Christian faith but Bill doesn't want to admit that. Oh right, if they do bad things, they're not Christians. (So Bill mustn't really be a Christian?). Bill finished with this comment - are ya ready - "what Christians do is they pray for Mr. Keller and perhaps offer up their communion for him."

Comment: Mwaaaaahahahahahahahaha. Bill will have to offer up lots of communion to even the score against all those people whom he has attacked. And here's another thought - as a good "Christian," shouldn't Bill have refrained from attacking Keller and, instead, offered up his communion?!


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