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Steve Doocy Validates Catholic League's Bill Donohue Rant Re 9-11 Ceremony

Reported by Priscilla - August 30, 2011 -

Ya gotta love it! During it's saturation coverage of the Fox generated "outrage" about no clergy at the 9-11 ceremony, the Fox pundits all talked about how prayer is so important in people's lives. That their premise was jawdroppingly hypocritical, was shown in the cognitive dissonance between their seeming devout Christianity and the lies and personal attacks that were an intrinsic part of their coverage. Not only was NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg relentless attacked and smeared; but so was that ongoing Fox "bête noire," the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque" which has been the target of lots of un Christ-life Fox hatred. And to put finishing touches on their support for prayer and clergy, who better to provide Fox commentary than the virulently homophobic, anti-Semitic, pedophile priest defending Bill Donohue who is not an official Catholic spokesperson but head of the Catholic League which is a right wing Catholic group whose hateful views seem to dovetail nicely with Fox News target audience and some Fox hosts. Last Friday, good conservative Catholic and Roger Ailes "lackey" Steve Doocy scored extra propaganda points during his interview with the screetching Donohue. The Bloomberg bashing included not only the perfunctory Bloomberg connection to the mosque but a new connection to those evil atheists that Fox Christians love to hate. If Doocy didn't get a spiritual "indulgence" for his efforts, he sure deserves one in his paycheck cuz he did his Fox daddy, Roger Ailes, proud. Oh, bless me father for I have sinned. Tee, hee.

The propaganda begain immediately. Doocy reported that Michael Bloomberg "said it was OK when an atheist group wanted to sue over the world trade center memorial cross" and "he defends the right to build a so called mosque at ground zero but if he's so quick to defend the rights of other, why is he banning" clergy from the 9-11 Memorial service." After he read a statement from Bloomberg's aide as to why clergy is not invited, Doocy's guest, Bill Donohue, said that every city "always has celebratory statements at public events." Without noting that clergy have never been invited to the city's anual 9-11 ceremony, he said "they always manage to find the appropriate" clergy. The chyron reinforced the "outrage" - "Invite List Sparks Outrage, Exlusion of Clergy at 9-11 Commeration." He "joked" that Bloomberg shouldn't speak because "according to his own logic, he'll be detracting from the events." His fellow Catholic, Steve Doocy, made the perfunctory reference to the first official 9-11 victim having been a Catholic priest. Never mentioned by Fox is that Fr. Judge was gay. ( Donohue claims that all the sexual abuse perpetrated by Catholic clergy was done by homosexual priests. He has also accused priests abuse victims of being "gold diggers.")

Doocy said "it's impossible to remove religion" and asked how many people were praying "in their final moments" on 9-11. (Steve prays so everybody prays, right?) Donohue refrained from accusing Bloomberg of being one of those Jews whom he hates; but he did describe him as a "thorough going secularist." He accused him of being "autocratic" and not speaking for NY'ers. The chyron: "Problem with Prayer, Clergy Left Out of 9-11 Ceremony." Bill, his voice shrill, shouted that Bloomberg "has decided that he doesn't like to have the clergy there." He cited a Catholic League study in which 2 out of 3 responders were Catholic and it's a "particular insult to us." As Bill and the right wing Christians are the only folks making a big deal out of this, he said that other religious groups and those with no religion should be outraged. (Uh, why would atheists be upset?) The chyron worked in the requisite Bloomberg "mosque" connection: "Clergy Left Out of 9-11 Event, But Bloomberg Defends WTC Mosque and Atheists." He was almost screaming when he asked why Bloomberg isn't speaking to the families and if "they are insulted by the presence of a clergyman." He added this was "all nonsense and insulting." Doocy squinted as he "joked" that if the idea is to keep religious out, they should keep out politicians. Donohue said that Bloomberg should sit home and watch it on TV. The closing chyron: "No Prayers at Ground Zero, Religious Leaders Can't Attend 9-11 Ceremony."

Comment: Fox "Christians" whine about how they get no respect. Here's the thing. Their hate and hypocrisy shows why they don't deserve any!


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