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Laura Ingraham Joins Fox “News” Veep Attack Machine With Panache

Reported by Aunty Em - August 25, 2011 -

One of the Fox “News” memes this week was the almost non-stop drip, drip, drip over recent comments by Vice President Joe Biden, taken out of context. He said that China’s one child policy was “unsustainable.” Because he didn’t say it was Godless and Heathen, it’s been one of those “All Hands On Deck” Fox “News” attacks on the Veep that even extends to secondary Fox “News” personalities like Laura Ingraham. Whenever a segment ends, like this one does, with Steve Doocy saying, “It’s a story that they’re not talking about on the mainstream media,” you know it’s a story about somebody dissing one of God’s Many Commandments as interpreted by Fox “News.” THOU SHALT NOT HAVE ABORTIONS OR BIRTH CONTROL UNLESS YOU ARE RICH. And, you’ve got to admire how guest Laura managed to work in attacks on Biden’s Roman Catholic religion, Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, creeping eugenics in ‘Merka, President Obama’s standing in the religious Latino community, and more. All in a in a 3 and a half minute tour de force of Ingraham playing her version of Six Degrees of Beelzebub. Watch: