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Martha MacCallum Omits Key Detail During Mayor Bloomberg Bashfest Over 9-11 Anniversary

Reported by Priscilla - August 22, 2011 -

Whenever Fox "News" needs commentary on the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque" and anything related to 9-11, it goes to 9-11 family member Debra Burlingame and Tim Brown, a 9-11 firefighter responder. Both of these individuals are members of the right wing, anti-Islamic, anti-Obama "9-11 Families for a Secure America," a group that was launched by the xenophobic hate group, Federation for Immigration Reform - another group that is frequently featured on Fox "News." Not surprisingly, the views of both Burlingame and Brown reflect the biases of the group of which they are members. Brown was recently interviewed by MacCallum on two occasions. When he spoke out about the "mosque," MacCallum praised him for "fighting" for the "sanctity" of 9-11. During another appearance, he argued on behalf of the "9-11 Cross." This morning, on a Fox "news" show, "America's Newsroom, he put in another appearance during which dissed NY Mayor Bloomberg and worked in a mention of "Islamic jihadists." Official "news" anchor, Martha MacCallum provided reverential affirmation and appreciation. A key fact which would have diffused Brown's agitprop was omitted. It was vintage "fair & balanced" Fox "News."

MacCallum noted that the anniversary of 9-11 is coming up but that there is a "big battle" happening. (Fox "News" does love that conflict vocabulary when they're defining the situation.) She reported that Mayor Bloomberg said that future 9-11 ceremonies "may look a lot different" and that there is a question of whether future ceremonies should include the recitation of the names of 9-11 victims. She introduced Tim Brown as somebody who is "fighting" for 9-11 victims. He went on a tirade about how Bloomberg is "insensitive" and how he will eventually "dictate" the narrative of 9-11. He accused Bloomberg and others (including Fox's Bob Beckel) of wanting to forget 9-11. He worked in the requisite Islam reference with a comment about how "Islamist terrorists" murdered people "in the name of their god." Martha said a reverential "yeah" when he asserted that he will continue to fight for the truth that people are trying to bury. She noted that she will continue to talk to him in the lead-up to the 9-11 anniversary. (So this anti-Islamic 9-11 responder is now the Fox News official 9-11 anniversary spokesperson?) She asked the audience to remember the families in their prayers. (A "news" person should be exhorting their audience to pray?)

Comment: According to the Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg said that "the relatives of 9/11 victims will be consulted about whether they wish to discontinue the annual readings of the names of the people who perished in the attacks" and that "the 9/11 memorial foundation will talk to family members and first responders to gauge their feelings." This wasn't mentioned by "news" anchor MacCallum as it would have cut the propaganda buzz. As I said, vintage "fair & balanced" Fox "News."


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