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Karl Rove Loses It When Challenged About Bush's Record

Reported by Ellen - August 21, 2011 -

Please, can we have some more Democrats like Bill Burton on Fox News? Notice how he didn't wait to be asked to speak, didn't go on defense and didn't stick to Bret Baier's framing of the discussion. It started shortly after Rove joined some of his other colleagues in attacking the presidential debate questions but forth by Fox's own Baier.

The contentiousness began when Baier asked Rove if Democrats might have a point about Republican intransigence and cited the GOP candidates' unanimous answers refusing even a "10-to-1" cuts-to-revenue deal posed as a hypothetical by Baier in the debate recently.

Instead of answering the "intransigent" question, Rove attacked the debate question. Not surprisingly, that didn't sit too well with Baier. He said, "Wait a second, hold on, I mean, we gave them the opportunity, Karl…”

Burton laughed. He jumped in, "These guys are running for President of the United States. They can’t talk to Bret Baier about what their vision is for how to deal with the economy?”

As Rove went on to continue attacking Obama - undisturbed by Baier, Burton jumped in again. “I appreciate that you have an opinion on this, Karl, but as someone who was a leader in a White House that turned a record surplus into a deficit, that got us involved in a war that we never should’ve been in, and turned the floor of the New York Stock Exchange into a casino, I don’t think the American people are quite ready to hear a lecture from you on good governance.”

Burton clearly had Rove on the defensive and it didn't let up until Baier stepped in to rescue Rove demand Burton answer part of Rove's question (which Burton did well).

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