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Fox News.Com Leads With Pejorative "Illegals" In Banner Headline

Reported by Priscilla - August 19, 2011 -

While the evil, librul mainstream media avoids the unprofessional and inaccurate term "illegals," in connection with undocumented immigrants, Fox News has a history of using it (as well as "anchor babies") it every opportunity. It's not surprising that they do so as Fox is the mouthpiece of the rabid nativist GOP right wing that hate those brown people who are being used to do the crap work that "real" Americans won't do. Fox knows that words are important to propaganda. As such, painting immigration issues in stark "us vs.them" (white vs. non white) terms further serves to rev up their xenophobic audience and that serves the mission of "America's Newsroom" to further divide America and bond Fox News to its bigoted base. This morning, Fox, MSNBC, and CNN reported that the Obama administration is considering easing rules for deportation. Check out the difference in the wording of the headlines. Note the photo of the "illegal" on the Fox site. If one picture is worth a thousand words, three are worth even more. Also worth noting is that Fox's "illegal" story is still the lead whereas CNN and MSNBC have moved on to other things.




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