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Fox News Helps Whitewash Coulter’s Latest Murder Fantasy: Killing The London Rioters

Reported by Ellen - August 12, 2011 -

As we’ve previously noted, two-time voter fraud suspect Ann Coulter fantasizes a lot about murder. Somehow, neither her very questionable voting record nor the murder fantasies ever seem to be a problem for Fox News. Two days ago, the attention-hungry Coulter advocated in a column for “a few well-placed rifle rounds” to end the London rioting along with “a more sustained attack… (that) might save England from itself.” Have no fear she assured us, “There's no danger of killing off the next Winston Churchill or Edmund Burke in these crowds.” But no biggie. Coulter got a friendly platform on The O’Reilly Factor last night where she spewed some more of her hate-filled, racially-tinged invective - albeit with only a hint of violence - as O’Reilly sympathetically listened. There was no mention of her mass murder suggestion nor that pesky voting record. FoxNews.com similarly glossed over Coulter's comments by calling its video of the segment, Coulter: Liberal Policies Led to U.K. Riots. Video embed after the jump.

You may recall how “The No Spin Zone” O’Reilly Factor was quick to jump on “merchants of hate” when liberals thought right-wing rhetoric might be behind the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords. But that was different, apparently, from Coulter’s statement in her column:

A few well-placed rifle rounds, and the rioting would end in an instant. A more sustained attack on the rampaging mob might save England from itself, finally removing shaved-head, drunken parasites from the benefits rolls that Britain can't find the will to abolish on moral or utilitarian grounds. We can be sure there's no danger of killing off the next Winston Churchill or Edmund Burke in these crowds.

...Democrats would be delighted if violent mobs like those in Britain arose here -- perhaps in Wisconsin!

In fact, none of that was even worth a mention from “Looking out for you” O’Reilly. Apparently, he’s only looking out for some – and one of those he’s looking out for is Coulter. He merely said she “has written a new column” about the riots. Then he gave her an opening for what he had to know would be an all-holds-barred attack on liberals and the rioters by asking her to tell viewers what led to the “terrible, deplorable situation” in London.

Coulter toned down the murder talk but not the inflammatory rhetoric against the left. She said the riots are evidence of “how liberal mobs are endangering America, they’re endangering the world… Liberal policies promote mobs.” Gee, that sounds like it might be just the kind of “bomb-throwing” and “hateful invective” O’Reilly criticized from the left. But O’Reilly’s lack of challenge to Coulter signaled a tacit tolerance, if not actual approval.

Coulter continued, “There’s only one way to react to a mob, to save civilized society, and that is to smash the mob. It is not to mollycoddle the mob.”

If O’Reilly had read Coulter’s column (and he almost surely did), he knew full well what she meant by “smash the mob.” But he let that comment go.

Instead, O’Reilly gave Coulter more of an opportunity to generalize about the ills of English society (read: social programs) as the cause of the riots – and, of course, smear liberals in the process with her special brand of rhetoric. O’Reilly said, with great interest, “So you’re basically saying… that the more the government gives to people, the more they provide to people, the less respect those people have for the government. Shouldn’t it be the reverse? Shouldn’t they be pleased with the government that they’re giving them all these things?”

Coulter replied, “It really isn’t that. They have no respect for themselves. They’re having their humanity taken away from them. There are no consequences to their actions. They grow up without fathers. They grow up as animals, like I say, they drink, they screw, they smash things, they eat when they’re hungry, and the government is subsidizing it all and it’s not something this country is immune from. It’s just that England is a little more advanced than we are.”

That didn’t rile O’Reilly, either. He ended the interview by thanking her and saying, “Very provocative, as always.”

Fox Nation also helped promote Coulter's column (H/T Media Matters) and also conveniently ignored the call for murder.

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