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Megyn Kelly Smacks Down Mike Gallagher Re Maternity Leave

Reported by Priscilla - August 11, 2011 -

As you probably know, I'm not reticent about calling out Fox's Megyn Kelly when she pushes Fox propaganda. But on the other hand, I'm willing to give credit where credit is due especially when it comes to "girl power" of which Ms. Kelly provided an up front, in your face, ass kicking example of during her recent interview with right wing radio hack, Mike Gallagher. During her first day back from maternity leave for the birth of her daughter Yardley, Kelly called him out in no uncertain terms about his remark, made in reference to her maternity leave, that maternity leave is a "racket." On Monday's "America Live" Ms. Kelly hit him with her best shot and then some. Given Fox News' political ideology, Kelly's commentary, which articulated points that we "feminazis" have been espousing from the inception of the women's movement, was truly radical.

Kelly referred to Gallagher's comment as "moronic." When Gallagher tried to play the poor male victim card by asking if men got maternity leave, Kelly went right for the metaphorical jugular:

Guess what honey? Yes, they do. It’s called the Family Medical Leave Act. If men would like to take three months off to take care of their newborn baby, they can. [...] Just in case you didn’t know, Mike, I want you to know that the United States is the only country in the advanced world that doesn’t require paid maternity leave. Now I happen to work for a nice employer that gave me paid leave. But the United States is the only advanced country that doesn’t require paid leave. If anything, the United States is in the dark ages when it comes to maternity leave. And what is it about getting pregnant and carrying a baby for nine months, that you don’t think deserves a few months off so bonding and recovery can take place, hmm?…You can’t answer the question because there is no answer, my friend.

All Gallagher could do was rub his forehead and look embarrassed.

Comment: Oh, snap. You go girl!

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