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Fox News’ Megyn Kelly And America Live Help Promote John Bolton’s Potential Candidacy

Reported by Ellen - August 11, 2011 -

John Bolton is still working for Fox News as a contributor but that didn’t stop Fox’s America Live show and host Megyn Kelly from giving him a little presidential-candidate PR yesterday (8/10/11). In fact, Kelly and Fox devoted more than four minutes to pimping Bolton as a potential candidate – with each of Bolton’s reasons including criticisms of President Obama, of course.

As a banner on the screen read, "Amb Bolton lays out why he may run for president in 2012," Kelly introduced the segment by saying, “Well, serious concerns about President Obama’s policies are leading one well-known man to now say he may get into the 2012 presidential race.”

First, Bolton attacked Obama’s “lack of interest” on foreign defense policy (no challenge from Kelly there). Instead, another banner read, “Bolton: Obama’s policies jeopardize nat’l security.”

“What has you so concerned?” Kelly asked, by way of drawing him out for more anti-Obama attacks. A split screen helpfully laid out highlights of Bolton’s resume as he spoke.

She also helpfully gave him an opening to distinguish himself from the rest of the field by offering up a seemingly challenging question, “Can’t the other GOP candidates make these arguments?”

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