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Bob Beckel Gives Away Part Of The Backstage Censorship Game On The Five

Reported by Aunty Em - August 11, 2011 -

It’s not just memos from Bill Sammon that Fox “News” personalities have to be concerned about. On several occasions lately Bob Beckel groused about being censored on what he is allowed to talk about on The Five. It’s not enough that Beckel’s the only Progressive voice, among four Right Wing voices on the worst show on tee vee—easily putting a lie to that whole “Fair and Balanced” slogan—there are whole subjects he’s not allowed to broach. Listen, as Judge Napalitano chortles in the background, Beckel say, “ I’ll tell you what’s also off the table was the discussion of the Republicans pulling the party apart, but the producers decided to can that.” As Media Matters’ Ned Resnikoff points out, it’s happened before:

This isn't the first time that Beckel has called out his network's behind the scenes management. Just yesterday he criticized Fox News producers for cherry picking stories about the stock market —and the week before that he called out the "crap" he said Fox News producers wrote for the show.

Meanwhile, Bully Boy Bolling has also complained of control from Higher Ups. On more than one occasion he has whined like a little boy about being given a Twitter Time Out (his phrase). When his co-hosts inquire, wanting more, he clams up. Considering what he gets away with on tee vee, it boggles the mind what he might have said on Twitter.

The Five is apparently just the talkshow equivalent of the WWE, with plots and arguments shaped by off-camera producers and writers. While The Five is still the worst show on tee vee, and probably not long for this world, there’s a palpable tension bubbling just below the surface. Unless Fox started using a 7-second delay button after Beckel recently dropped the F-Bomb, there’s a fairly good chance we’ll see some real fireworks before it dies. I wouldn’t rule out fisticuffs considering Bolling’s notorious anger and Beckel’s ability to put his foot in his mouth and his growing frustration at being everybody’s punching bag.