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Outfoxed And Murdoch Revisited: Join The Discussion!

Reported by Ellen - August 7, 2011 -

Tuesday night (August 9, 2011), Robert Greenwald, director and producer of the landmark documentary Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism will hold a live, online discussion reflecting on the seven-year anniversary of Outfoxed, from 8-9 PM ET (5-6 PT). With the News Corp. scandals so prominently in the news and questions still hanging about the conglomerate’s behavior in the United States, this is a great time to take stock of Fox News, where the “fair and balanced” network has gone since George W. Bush left office (and Barack Obama took his place), its role in the Murdoch empire’s grab for political, economic and social power – and most importantly, how to restore integrity to American journalism. The discussion will feature commentary from “special guests” – including moi! You can submit questions via the Outfoxed website, Facebook or Twitter.

In advance of the discussion, Greenwald has a couple of interesting blog posts about the importance of continuing our efforts to hold Fox, News Corp. and the rest of the media accountable. In Outfoxed vs. Rupert Murdoch: Seven Years On, he noted the Murdochs' lack of accountability so far in the News Corp. scandal. News Corp: a study in the failure of corporate self-regulation, explains how News Corp's internal investigation "is a clear and raging sign of why consolidated power cannot be left in complete and unchecked control." What Rupert Murdoch and the Koch Brothers Have In Common highlights the similarities in the corrosive and corrupting effects each has on our democracy.

Maybe those posts or some of ours will help prompt your own thoughts, ideas and questions about Fox, Murdoch, journalism etc. In any event, I plan to be there Tuesday night and hope you will, too!

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