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Fox Nation Blows The Racial Dog Whistle Once Again

Reported by Aunty Em - August 5, 2011 -

News Hounds has documented over and over again how Fox News uses its Fox Nation web site to blow the racial dog whistle. Then, just as day follows night, the comment section fills with some of the most hateful and racist rhetoric imaginable. It has happened so many times, that it’s not even in dispute anymore. And, while it usually uses President Obama to blow the racial dog whistle, that’s not always the case. Occasionally it’s the use of Muslims or Hispanics to get the citizens of Fox Nation to demonstrate their racism in the comment section. It’s such a predictable pattern, and News Hounds has called them out for it so many times, that it would be a total surprise if that the mold was ever broken. And yet, today the mold WAS broken. First here’s the dog whistle:


And here is how Fox News finally broke the pattern:


Yes, Fox Nation will still blow the racial dog whistle, but it just won’t let the rabid dogs respond.