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Shannon Bream Pimps Pro-Life" Position On Free Birth Control

Reported by Priscilla - August 3, 2011 -

Now that the Obama administration has classified birth control as "preventative" care for women and is requiring that health insurers cover contraception without any co-payment, the anti-choice Christian right is in an uproar. Most of the arguments center around the not wanting to pay for drunken slutty behavior (A position endorsed by Bill O'Reilly) but there's one that's even more insidious as it underscores one of the main missions of the "pro-life" movement which is to ban contraception because in their scheme of things, certain types of birth control cause "abortions." As Fox News is the mouthpiece for Christian right, it wasn't surprising to see the only anchor baby that Fox News approves of, Michelle Malkin, articulate, on Monday's "America Live," the talking points for those who believe that "every sperm is sacred." (Monty Python's "Meaning of Life" - great movie). It also wasn't surprising that alleged "news" anchor and graduate of the right wing Christian Liberty University, Shannon Bream, not only agreed with Malkin but provided even more anti-choice talking points. There were also some bonus talking points directed against "Obamacare" and Planned Parenthood. Didn't some Fox bigwig say that the Fox programming between 9AM and 4PM was "real news, fair & balanced?" What, what!

After Bream reported on the new policy regarding an array of free health services for women, she provided the first right wing talking point in her comment to Malkin that "this feels like another government mandate on health care." Malkin responded with the pre-scripted agreement. She said that "every time we talk about a free" (did air quotes) "piece of coverage the white house denies that it will increase premiums." She asked how companies can pay for this "other than passing on the cost" adding that there are "serious questions about process and lack of transparency." She continued with a little monologue against "Obamacare" and its lack of public oversight. After the requisite anti-Obama screed, it was time to segue into the anti-choice talking point. Malkin claimed that a "whistleblower" on the panel that approved the policy said that Planned Parenthood's opinion was given preference over the pro-life community. (Eww, evil Planned Parenthood - that's sure to grab the attention of the audience)

On cue, Bream said that there is "pushback" from the pro-life community because as she understood it, "this policy covers the morning after pill and there's "great disagreement" over "how that operates" and the question of whether "it would cause an abortion, if it would stop a pregnancy before it begins and it depends on your definition of that because there is so much disagreement about that among some." More anti-choice agitprop with "it's interesting that the government would be telling private insurers they've gotta cover something that for some people amounts to an abortion." (Yeah,Shannon, it's interesting that anti-choicers want the government to mandate what women and doctors must do regarding reproductive health care.)

Malkin worked in a dig about "feminist leftists who are heralding this decision as some sort of preventive care decision but pro-life folks who oppose this top down mandate say that what is being heralded is after the fact, post hoc methods like the emergency contraceptives, morning after pill, de-facto drug induced abortion." She referenced religious health providers who object and cited how the White House says there's a conscience clause exemption but those who have watched "these battle play out with the Obama adminstration" have seen that the "religious freedom exemptions have become narrower and narrower and harder to invoke." (She didn't provide any examples)

Bream read one of her tweets" "what a crock that I should have to pay for that, if I have to pay a co-pay on my heart medicine." she smiled as she said that "we know that there will be plenty of backlash about picking and choosing what private insurers can cover."

Comment: Rather than pointing out that co-payments for birth control can cost $50 per month which for women, who aren't Fox anchors, can be expensive and that if women have access to free birth control, there will be fewer unplanned preganancies and fewer abortions, Bream provided an "amen corner" for points made by groups such as the anti-abortion and anti-birth control Catholic Church, the Family Research Council hate group, and Americans United for Life. The "morning after pill," the approval of which was held up by the anti-choice zealots in the Bush administration, is not an abortion pill. What it does is prevent implantation of a fertilized egg which is problem for the anti-choicers as they, unlike the science of embryology, believe that a pregnancy begins at fertilization and all those fertilized eggs that get expelled during a woman's period are actually little babies. This is a religious view not universally held by the American faith communities. If a woman is pregnant and she takes the "morning after pill," an abortion will not occur - but you didn't hear any of this science based information from "news" woman Bream who was tasked with pushing the pro-life agenda.

What a crock that America Live is a Fox "news" show.


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