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Fox and Friends Continues Its Years Old Smear* That POTUS Is Secret Muslim

Reported by Aunty Em - August 2, 2011 -

Didja know that President Barack Obama is a secret Muslim? No? Then you haven’t been watching Fox “News” for the past several years. It’s the so-called “Fair & Balanced” channel’s favorite phony meme, pushed whenever they can find the barest opening in an attempt to convince its gullible audience that Obama prays 5 times a day to Allah.* News Hounds is filled with examples of Fox trying to connect the president to Islam. However, the grand prize will always go to Fox and Friends, which insisted way back in January of 2007 that then-candidate Senator Obama attended a madrassas as a child. While they were forced to retract a few days later, that hasn’t stopped the network, or the Three Stooges on the Curvy Couch, from making the Obama/Muslim connection over and over and over again. That’s why it was ALMOST amusing that they did it again this morning, and again with an easily disprovable lie. Watch:

Video courtesy of Media Matters

President Obama did not issue a proclamation. He issued a statement wishing Muslims in the U.S., and all around the world, best wishes from himself and the First Lady. The difference between a Presidential Statement and a Presidential Proclamation is the difference between a skateboard and a racecar. Furthermore, as Julie Millican of Media Matters writes:

I do know this: Former President George W. Bush issued a statement honoring Ramadan in 2008, and Fox didn't have a problem with it.

* It is really unfair to call this a smear, since there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim and it hasn’t been made illegal…yet. However, since Fox News is heavily invested in turning Islam into the enemy of all that is Holy and Good in ‘Merka, it is a smear in their eyes.

h/t Julie Millican of Media Matters