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Martha MacCallum Loses It While Defending "Ground Zero Cross"

Reported by Priscilla - July 29, 2011 -

As the mouthpiece for the Christian right, Fox "News" never wastes an opportunity to take up that old rugged cross and defend it against those evil atheists who are trying to force their godless ways onto godly Christians. Recently, the cross beams shaped liked and revered as a Christian cross, from the ruins of the World Trade Center, was moved to the 9-11 Memorial Museum where it will be housed as part of the collection. As such, an atheist group filed a lawsuit based on their belief that placement of the "cross," in a partially government funded building, violates the First Amendment. Naturally, the right wing are all in an uproar so naturally Fox "News" is there to publicize the issue as well as get in some sweet shots against those evil atheists - another group deemed anathema by Jesus' BFF's at Fox "News" which considers "America Live" to be an official "news" show. Yesterday, Martha MacCallum showed why this program is just another propaganda vehicle in a segment that showed, once again, her total lack of objectivity when it comes to issues near and dear to Roger Ailes. Obviously, the cross issue has a number of human dimensions regarding sensitivity for 9-11; but for Martha there was only one perspective. Her advocacy for the "cross" surpassed her advocacy against the so called "Ground Zero Mosque." Actually, in this segment, MacCallum went from cheerleading to hysteria!

MacCallum framed the issue immediately when she reported the back story for "one of the most iconic landmarks at the World Trade Center" which for "many," was seen as a "source of hope." She introduced her first guest, Tim Brown, as a "first responder." (He's the same partisan guy whose anti-Obama, anti-Islamic website was pimped by MacCallum in June). She didn't mention anything about his failed lawsuit against the Islamic Cultural Center. To her second guest, Blair Scott of American Atheists, she asked "Why is this an issue. This cross was found in the rubble... It became a source of inspiration for people who desperately needed it at the time." (Notice how she's reinforcing "hope" with "inspiration.") Scott, who credited Brown, said it wasn't just Christians who died and "emotions can't trump law." Brown said the cross was "meaningful to us" and that "we'll figure this out in court." He accused Scott of "stirring up emotions." Considering the emotions that his right wing anti-Mosque group stirred up this comment was ironic: "Just because he (Scott) doesn't like it, doesn't mean it can't be in the museum." (And just because Brown doesn't like Islam doesn't mean that the "mosque" can't be built?) He said that Scott can't make rules for the museum.

When Scott said it's not the "cross per se that's the issue" MacCallum interrupted, whining "yes it is, that's what you're objecting to, it's the cross." When Scott explained that the T structure of the cross is just one of many such remaining structures at the WTC, and "what makes it a religious icon...," MacCallum interrupted again whining "that's your opinion." When he started to speak, she continued with "that's your opinion, that's your opinion and you're entitled to your opinion." She snorted when he asked her to look at the fact that the structure was blessed by clergy, used for church services, and worshipped. MacCallum yelled "all the more reason why you shouldn't object to having it there if it's just a T..." (Uh, Martha, he just explained why this T is different.) She continued to rant and shouted "what's the problem?" When Scott said that they're not objecting to the letter but the fact that it's a religious icon that's worshipped, she interrupted again, "But it's not, you just said it isn't." Her voice got louder as she yelled, "you just said it isn't a religious icon, it's a T." When he responded that to his group, it's just a T, she said "you can't have it both ways." (Martha was clearly not listening to the substance of his statement).

After Brown read part of the lawsuit in which one of the plaintiffs described the cross as "ugly wreckage," he accused Scott of engaging in a "shameless grab for publicity on the backs of my friends...who were murdered by Islamic terrorists..." He told Scott that he should be ashamed of himself and withdraw the complaint. Brown had the final word in which he mentioned that he and the right wing 501 (3) (C) American Center for Law and Justice will file an "amicus brief" and the court will find that cases like this do not have merit. (LOL - like your case against the "mosque!") MacCallum nodded her blonde locks in agreement as he said that the "cross" is "an iconic symbol."

Comment: Instead of citing opinions of legal and religious types, "news" person Martha MacCallum spent most of her time doing quite the "I know you didn't" spiel. Ah, gotta love that Fox "real journalism, fair & balanced."


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