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Fox Nation's Ridiculous Attempt To Smear Obama Via Mariah Carey

Reported by Ellen - July 26, 2011 -

Fox Nation took a tabloid story about Mariah Carey's over-the-top diva behavior - she supposedly ordered a $1600 bottle of champagne and had it delivered to the ladies room, plus she had a male attendant fanning her (elsewhere, presumably) - and deliberately used it to smear Obama. That took a bit of imagination since the article Fox Nation was showcasing had nothing - nada, zip - to do with Obama. So a creative Fox Nation producer came up with this headline: Obama Supporter Mariah Carey Sacrifices ... Gets $1,600 Bottle of Champagne Delivered to Bathroom. Screen grab after the jump. (H/T David P.)

If you can find the Obama connection in either this Fox Nation post or the longer Daily Mail article from which it came, please let me know.


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