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Ed Henry Counts How Many Times Obama Used “Tedious” Phrase “Balanced Approach” In Debt Ceiling Address

Reported by Ellen - July 26, 2011 -

Fox News’ newest White House correspondent, Ed Henry, got right with the Fox News program and demonstrated that he didn’t let any “liberal media” taint from his days at CNN prevent him from grabbing a chance to bash President Obama. In a supposedly objective analysis of President Obama’s debt-ceiling address last night (7/25/11), Henry complained about how many times Obama used the “tedious” phrase “balanced approach.” Henry even went so far as to count the number of times Obama said it. Either Henry got the attack from some Republican talking points or else Sean Hannity liked the comment so much when he heard it, he echoed the point on his own show later in the evening.

Immediately after Obama’s speech, Fox News’ Bret Baier tossed to Henry for “some thoughts and perspective.” Henry said, “As we noted before, (Obama) is trying to move the middle of the electorate – those independent voters – to his side. How many times did we hear, ‘balanced approach?’ It became tedious. I counted at least seven times that he said that.”

What kind of "objective" journalist makes a comment like that? The kind that Sean Hannity likes, that's who.

Not long after, when the Hannity show began, Hannity said to guest Dick Morris, “The words, ‘balanced approach.’ 'My approach is balanced. All these other guys are extremists, extremists.' Predictable. Boring. Blame Bush. Blame Bush. Create fear. Scare old people. Class warfare… There’s nothing new with him here.

Later in the same segment, Hannity echoed the point again. “Obviously, they focus-grouped, they polled ‘a balanced approach’ and they said, ‘we want to appear as balanced.’ …Most people don’t know, the president is reading a poll-tested phrase.”

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