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Laura Ingraham Still Whining About NBC, Chris Brown & The Hip Hop Community

Reported by Priscilla - July 22, 2011 -

Recently, Laura Ingrahm trashed Chris Brown - and Ke$ha, Cee-Lo Green, Enrique Eglesias and NBC for "rewarding" Brown's "bad behavior." Brown, not too happy about being defamed on national TV (Laura is such a good Christian even without her great, big cross), tweeted some stuff about Laura who was a guest last night on the Factor - a Fox show that, according to Laura's logic, rewards Bill O'Reilly for his bad behavior involving allegations of sexual harassment of a Fox employee. As Jon Stewart said, "conservative victimization is the true genius of what Fox News has accomplished" and poor Laura had center stage for yet another conservative whine. And after she whined about the evil Brown, she whined about her robbery. (Betcha if some liberal got their jewelry ripped off from their checked luggage, O'Reilly and Ingraham would be braying about personal responsibility.) But the segment was a great opportunity for "traditionalists" Bill and Laura to do their patented wag of the finger at those nasty black rappers who represent one of many enemies in the right's ongoing culture war.

Naturally, the segment started with a plug for Laura's newest acerbic tone which "zings" liberals. Of course when liberals, like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart, zing conservatives it's a different story; but as Laura is a good, Conservative Christian it's all good. Bill started off by reading one of Chris Brown's tweets which had the word "suck" in it; but "traditionalist" Bill referred to it as "the s word." (Funny, on his phone tapes, he had no problem with the word for women's breasts that starts with "B") Ingraham said that this tweet was one of the cleaner ones. (My favorite is "Running bogus and pointless stories don't matter! My fans prove that everyday and the haters just look old as F**k !” as it captures the essence of Fox opinion and those who proffer it.) Ingraham said that she decided to take on NBC for providing Brown with a concert venue and that it was important to look at what his music means "a couple of years after he beat up his girlfried." According to Sister Mary Laura (sans cross bling) "if there's redemption there, that's great" but that his lyrics echo this "depraved attitude towards women." When Bill said that he was into "Earth, Wind, and Fire,' Laura said he is "cool."

Bill suggested that Brown did Ingraham a favor by spreading her name around the social network. She referenced Brown's "posse" (Oh, Laura, love it when you talk ghetto) and whined that 50 Cent "slammed" her. Mention was made of "the same degrading lyrics." She mocked the syntax and grammer of Brown's tweet comment which said, in relation to Fox's reaction to him, "they mad" and claimed that their reaction proves her point about how their nasty thoughts and words "infuse the way they deal with people." After she claimed that their inability to argue with her is shown by their "attack" (Oh, pot meet kettle) Bill then invited Brown and 50 Cent on his show. Bill then whined about he got into a similar situation, a few years ago, with hip hop artist Ludacris. (Ludacris did a commercial for Pepsi. Bill called for a boycott of Pepsi over his lyrics. Ludacris then got fired.) After Laura said that "it's gotten worse," Bill said it is now more accepted to which Laura added, "it's mainstream." White, right soul sistah Laura said "Now NBC's all giving him the applause line" to which Bill said "that makes your point, in the book."

The rest of the segment was Laura whining about the robbery of her "little cross." ("Little?" Excuse Me. That bling is bigger than what most hip-hop artists wear.)

Comment: Bill seems to have a problem with African American rappers. While Bill O'Reilly thinks he's a big Dawg on Fox, his attacks on Snoop Dog (said that Snoop should be in jail) prompted Snoop to do a rap titled "F*ck Bill O'Reilly. Bill also attacked the rapper Naz for doing a free concert for Virginia Tech students after the massacre because, according to Bill, Naz's "violent" lyrics were an insult to the victims. Bill criticized rappers who appeared at one of the 2009 inauguration parties. And it looks like his fellow, not black, right wing pal, Laura Ingraham, has the same type of issue. Funny, one of the songs used for a hip-hop dance number on Wednesday's "So You Think You Can Dance" was a section from Chris Brown's "Look at Me" - a song that Laura hates. Funny, I suspect that Brown rakes in more money from his concerts than Ingraham does from her books and speaking engagements. But if she wants, in Brown's words, to keep on hating, it "makes her look old as F**K."

To Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham, I would remind them of Cee-Lo's Green's great song: "Forget" or is it "Fuck" You?"

Addendum: Hey Laura.How many hip-hop songs have resulted in somebody's death? While Bill O'Reilly didn't sing about Dr. Tiller "the baby killer," his incendiary rhetoric contributed to a climate of hate in which Tiller was murdered. Your pal and fellow "traditionalist" rap hater, O'Reilly, was "rewarded" with a commendation from the hate group, the Family Research Council.

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