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Fox Nation Isn't A Racist Hate Site?

Reported by Priscilla - July 12, 2011 -

Fox Nation has an article about proposed rules for daycare providers in Colorado. One of the proposed requirements is that providers have racially diverse dolls. Not surprisingly, the citizens of Fox Nation, a mythical white, Christian, and pro-life apartheid state, weighed in with their nice white, Christian, and pro-life comments. Just kidding. Gotta love Fox Nation- a place for "those opposed to intolerance." Are they kidding?

Note the comments about black women being "welfare" "breeders." Aren't these the same folks who want abortion criminalized because it's a "black genocide?" And black people as "colored?" Is this person living in a time warp? Uh, yeah... for Fox Nation residents those were the good old days when "coloreds" were just so happy about being segregated and subjected to the violence of "Jim Crow" when they got "uppity."


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