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Bernie Goldberg On Casey Anthony Trial: We’re The United States Of Entertainment

Reported by Ellen - July 6, 2011 -

Bernard Goldberg visited The O’Reilly Factor last night (7/5/11) to discuss – what else? The Casey Anthony verdict. Goldberg started out by blasting the jury for not having “a modicum of common sense” and convicting Anthony of some kind of homicide. But then, at about 4:48 into the segment, Bill O’Reilly brought up the “huge ratings” the trial garnered and asked, “What is the fascination?” Goldberg had a rather interesting answer.

Goldberg said,

I think the answer is this. I’ve said before that we live in the United States of Entertainment. And I think the fascination with this story proves the point… The American people are watching a reality TV show. That’s the fascination… with real characters and the possibility that at the end of the show, the star may get sentenced to death. This wasn’t, from a journalistic point of view… an important story. It wasn’t about race, it wasn’t about the clash of class in this country, it wasn’t even about fame. And yet, we were drawn to it because in the United States we crave – and I mean crave – entertainment. We have American soldiers dying for their country in Iraq and Afghanistan and they don’t get one-tenth of the time that this story got.

Goldberg went on to make “one more point.”

Nobody’s going to like this but it’s absolutely true. If Casey Anthony were a young black woman with a black two year-old, no network would give this story ten minutes.

I like the point, for what it’s worth. I also liked Goldberg's last point, “In this country, we have the ability to be incredibly shallow at times. And this, Bill - this, Bill, was one of those times.”


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