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Fox Nation Blows The Racial Dog Whistle And The Rabid Junkyard Dogs Respond On Cue

Reported by Aunty Em - July 5, 2011 -

While you may not be intimately familiar with Ivan Pavlov, I’m sure his name rings a bell with those who edit Fox Nation. They understand the concept of conditioned reflex. In fact, they count on it. Just yesterday News Hounds had a story on how an innocuous posting about the fourth verse of The Star Spangled Banner raised Pavlovian responses in trashing Democrats, Liberals and Progressives. What do you think happens when Fox Nation blows the racial dog whistle? Since they’ve done it before, they know full well the type of response they’ll get from the citizens of Fox Nation. The comment thread will be filled with racism—open and undisguised racism.

Today’s Fox Nation dog whistle was a reprint of an article by Dr. Boyce Watkins originally posted July 3rd at a web site called News One for Black America. With a name like that it’s a no-brainer that the web site is going to have a Black POV. Anyone familiar with Dr. Watkins will also know he has a very strong Black POV. That’s the only reason Fox Nation saw fit to reproduce his article “No Independence Day For Black People.”

If one bothers to read the article at its original source, you'll find a well-reasoned opinion piece which takes the view Blacks were still slaves on the original Independence Day and, while Blacks have gained many freedoms in the intervening 235 years, Dr. Watkins doesn’t feel that “free” equals true independence. However, it wouldn’t really matter how reasoned the article might be. To the citizens of Fox Nation it’s red meat to state “Professor Says There’s No Independence Day for Blacks." And let the ignorance begin: