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Fox Nation Readers Use July Fourth To Show True Colors

Reported by Aunty Em - July 4, 2011 -

Fox Nation is an imaginary country that cannot be found on any map. Despite that, it has an ever growing population of citizens, all of whom seem to watch Fox “News” with a fervor bordering on religious fanaticism. Just like they can quote The Bible, they can repeat Fox “News” memes, chapter and verse, at the drop of Uncle Sam’s red, white and blue hat. As News Hounds has pointed out repeatedly, it doesn’t take very long before a Fox Nation comment thread—no matter what the initial subject matter—degenerates into an orgy of jingoism, racism, and just plain wingnuttyism. This is merely another example, but maybe, because it’s the Fourth of July, things degenerated faster and farther than usual.


Obviously someone at Fox Nation thought this was a Big! News! Story! because of the prominence given it at the port of entry (screen shot above). However, it’s not a story at all, in the sense that a story normally has words attached. There are no words—just the video followed by the comments from those who live their entire lives in Fox Nation (which I’ll get to eventually). Nor is it even “news,” in the sense that “news” is something that happened recently. If one bothers to click through—all the way to YouTube (where Fox Nation found the video in the first place)—you’ll discover it was posted more than a year ago, on June 5, 2010. In that time it has garnered 6,408,788 views, which qualifies it as a viral video. It just ain’t news in any sense of the word, so it’s hard to understand why Fox Nation would label it “Hot Video.” Furthermore, Priscilla has reported on this video before, a little more than a year ago when it was still fresh, as an example of how “Fox & Friends Love Those Teabagging Christians.”

And, while Fox Nation didn’t think the video deserved words, there are words slapped onto the video by the person who uploaded it to YouTube. And, those words are worth examining in further detail. While the video is still ‘in black’ these words appear on the screen: “The First Book for the Children of the Tea Party,” followed by the URL for a book called “The Liberal Claus,” a children’s book that imagines what life would be like if Santa were Socialist—just like our current president—and all the good little boys and girls were given exactly the same Christmas gifts as all the bad little boys and girls. No, really! Within 2 seconds new words pop up on screen: A Marine Stuns the Crowd at a Tea Party – This is the Fourth Verse of the Star Spangled Banner – So Much for a “Secular Nation” – God Bless America – DavidHedrick4congress.com

Since this video is over a year old, it’s safe to say that David Hedrick ran for congress in 2010. The congressional URL is no longer valid and redirects to another Hedrick’s site,* where you can read all about him in the “ABOUT” section:

David W. Hedrick is an icon of the Tea Party movement widely known for his town hall appearance where he dressed-down a sitting member of the U.S. Congress telling him to “Stay away from my kids!”

Hedrick and his videos have appeared on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Lars Larsen, Jason Lewis, Victoria Taft, MSNBC and many other sources of talk radio, television news, internet and print media.

Hedrick has appeared at hundreds of political events including forums, rallies, fundraisers and debates. He has traveled the national Tea Party circuit speaking on stages all over America.

Using the Googlizer it doesn’t take very long to discover a blog post at “Clark County Conservative” titled “Marine Corporal David W. Hedrick Arrested, Pleads Not Guilty to Assault Charge.” Turns out that it wasn’t a simple assault, in that the alleged victim was “his petite wife.” However, the same blog post adds: UPDATE: Hedrick was acquitted, February 18, 2011. A jury of 10 felt the prosecution did not make their case, given that for some reason, Hedrick’s wife recanted her story. Some further digging reveals that “Hedrick was divorced from his previous wife in July 2008. A mutual no-contact order between Hedrick and his ex-wife remains active until February 2013, records show.”

Got it? Hedrick is a dyed-in-the-wool teabagger, proud of the fact that he shouts nonsense at a “sitting member of the U.S. Congress;” who ran for Congress himself and lost; was acquitted of assault against one wife; and has a mutual no-contact order with a previous wife. I’m sure I could go further down this rabbit hole, but this post is about the citizens of Fox Nation.

Having deconstructed the video, now it’s time to take a look at some of the comments. In all fairness, there were many people who just wished others a Happy Fourth and left it at that. There were also people on the left who tried to engage some people in discussions, but were generally shouted down and had their patriotism questioned. After scanning more than 800 comments I saw only one in which a person who identified themselves as Conservative took issue with those who called people with opposing views un-American. However, so many of the comments were much like the following:

Fox%20Nation%20003.jpg Fox%20Nation%20004.jpg Fox%20Nation%20005.jpg Fox%20Nation%20006.jpg Fox%20Nation%20007.jpg Fox%20Nation%20008.jpg Fox%20Nation%20009.jpg Fox%20Nation%20010.jpg Fox%20Nation%20011.jpg Fox%20Nation%20012.jpg Fox%20Nation%20013.jpg Fox%20Nation%20014.jpg Fox%20Nation%20015.jpg Fox%20Nation%20016.jpg Fox%20Nation%20017.jpg Fox%20Nation%20018.jpg Fox%20Nation%20019.jpg Fox%20Nation%20020.jpg

* Relatively easy to find, but I refuse to drive traffic there by linking.