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Brian Kilmeade & Dr. Keith Ablow Attack Bill Maher's "Attack" On Bristol Palin

Reported by Priscilla - June 29, 2011 -

Once again, the wit and wisdom of Jon Stewart, who said that "conservative victimization is the true genius of what Fox News has accomplished", is spot on. This morning, Fox & Friends, a morning right wing propaganda chat show that specializes in victimized conservatives, had a whine and pity party about how poor, innocent Bristol Palin was attacked by that nasty librul comedian Bill Maher. And to give Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade's segment some professional creds, Fox's pop psychologist and GOP political hack Dr. Keith Ablow, who recently attacked Chaz Bono regarding her transgender status after having warned Fox America that a J Crew ad was a threat to traditional sexual roles, was there to provide a virtual psych evaluation of the evil Bill Maher who just so "hates" Bristol Palin. Funny - Fox & Friends touts "free speech" when it comes to school prayer. But the same principal doesn't apply to left wing comedians, who don't tout themselves as "fair & balanced," who satirize the sacred cows of the right wing. And when Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck mock Nancy Pelosi about botox and Greg Gutfeld attacks liberal women, the same standard doesn't apply. It's a complex world.

Brain went on the attack straight out of the box with his comment about how Bill Maher went "on the attack" against Bristol Palin. BTW, the title of the video is "Does Bill Maher Hate Women" - a question that could be asked of both Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity who are opposed to women's reproductive freedom but I digress. The chyrons: "Maher Mayhem, TV Host Attacks 20 Year Old Bristol Palin" and "Real Time Rants, Bil Maher Slams Sarah and Bristol Palin." He played part of the video in which Maher mocked the part of Palin's new book which talked about how she was drunk when she lost her virginity. Maher didn't mention Sarah Palin except to say "oh those Palins."(Can you imagine what Gutfeld would have said if that had been the daughter of a Democratic politician?!) Kilmeade wanted to know if these "attacks" were "called for" and why he went after Bristol and not others. (Guess Brain doesn't watch Maher cuz he goes after a lot of people including Obama.) As he introduced Ablow, the chyron continued the agitprop: "Maher's Palin Attacks, TV Host Slams Bristol Over Her Memoir."

Ablow launched into the scripted attack on Maher with a shout out to the "pro-life" community. He said that while Palin's book is titled "Not Afraid of Life," Maher is anti-life in his support for euthanasia, for the death penalty, for abortion." (At least he's consistent unlike the "lifers" who love the death penalty and war.) Ablow made the irrelevant statement that Maher has no children. (Have all Fox hosts bred?) Channeling a Glenn Beck "analysis" of Barack Obama regarding white people, Ablow claimed that Maher has "a deep seated hatred, to some extent of women." He referenced how Maher goes to the Playboy Mansion (As opposed to a bondage themed club which young Republicans went to!) and asked if Maher was "projecting" onto Bristol. Brain said "what gets" him isn't the attack; but the hatred that's behind which "almost bleeds out of his eyes and ears." Ablow responded "absolutely." Kilmeade misnamed Maher's movie when he said that "Religiousity" shows that Maher is anti-religious. Hey Brain, the movie is "Religulous." Ablow claimed that Maher said that 9-11 suicide bombers were more heroic than American servicemen. Maher actually said that lobbing Cruise missiles is cowardly while flying airplanes into buildings wasn't cowardly.

He reiterated that Maher has no regard for birth and that's why he hates women. (WTF?) More bizarre pro-life agitprop about how he's divorced from the beauty of birth and that he should have said, "Bristol, admit it, you had feelings for this young man." Instead, according to Ablow, Maher's comment about Bristol being horny "underscores his feeling about how women are sluts." (Kinda like what Gutfeld thinks about liberal women). But in Keith Ablow's right wing world, virtuous abstinence educated women never actually enjoy sex for sex sake. (They do mix sex and booze!) He then made a strange comment about Maher's mother having denied her Jewish religion until Bill was a teenager and questioned whether Bill's attitude is because his father was "so far above" his mother. (Bill's father was Catholic and as such, his mother agreed to the Catholic requirement that children of a mixed marriage be brought up Catholic.) Kilmeade then provided us with yet another example of why he's such a brain: "What does this say about society that this guy's still on the air and gets paid a ton of money to act like this." Ablow conclusion was that Maher hates women and birth, while praising death and suicide bombers.

Comment: What hypocrisy. The "fair & balanced" Fox News employs opinion guys, like O'Reilly, who make statements about the dangers of "clustered gays" and on numerous occasions referred to a legal abortion provider as a "killer"- even after Dr. Tiller was murdered. Greg Gutfeld said that teenagers who had abortions were "morally inept." So if you want to analyze misogyny, Dr. Ablow, let's start with Fox News. But here's the thing. Bristol is a big girl now with a book, a proposed reality TV show, and a season on "Dancing With The Stars." She's out there and fair game. Fox News has her back so she shouldn't worry. While Maher can, sometimes, be crude he has as much right to be on TV as does Fox "News." It's a free market, Brain, and if advertisers stick with Maher, he stays on the air which, BTW, is HBO a subscription cable channel. He has the same right to be insulting as those who are on Fox News. What does it say about society that Fox misinformers, liars, racists, Islamophobes, homophobes, transphobes (Dr. Ablow) and misogynists are still on the air and getting a ton of money to act like this?


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